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Dear Poll: Have You Ever Been Cheated On?

I'm nearly positive that the majority of us would consider cheating one of the most damaging acts that can be done to a relationship. Certainly people have varying opinions on what counts as cheating and whether or not it should be forgiven, but I wonder how many of us have actually experienced it firsthand. If a survey among my friends is any indicator, I'd guess that many of you have felt the pain of cheating. Ladies, I'm sure it’s difficult to say, but have you ever been cheated on?


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Alxjrvs Alxjrvs 8 years
In my college freshman year, I told my girlfriend (she was a senior in high school) of three years that I needed a break, and that a girl kissed me later. In reality, I went on the break specifically to kiss this girl, manipulating the entire situation. I told my then- girlfriend that I only kissed Kristle when in fact I stayed/slept over her dorm and left in the morning. This is the truth, and I am proud of that.
calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
wow, i hope u get karma AnnaLove. and im really sorry about everyone else, who have been cheated on. really, my advice. once u find out the lies, dump their ass. u should have the courage and the self esteem to do so. these dumbass men aint worth it. they totally arent. show them what ure worth of. show them that u dont need them. it is going to be hard, but u have to teach these men a lesson. and as for the women who cheat, may karma be cursed upon u =) as for my story, i've never been cheated on that i know of. but i have had BAD trust issues with my current bf. i dont trust him in certain situations but i do trust that he would never even look at another girl or cheat on me at all. once again, may god shower happiness upon every single one of u who have been cheated on. SORRY!
mmazza mmazza 8 years
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ummyeaitsmarcie ummyeaitsmarcie 8 years
Yep, cheated on a couple times. I actually got cheated on and dumped for a fugly girl who's dream in life was to be a playboy bunny. Hehe, boy came back and told me it was the biggest mistake he ever made and the worst relationship of his life.
seraphimm seraphimm 8 years
Miss Planter!! oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know what I would do if I was in your situation... Hopefully things will get better for you.. I really pray for the best for you.
Miss-Planter Miss-Planter 8 years
yes i have been cheated on. the sad only was he cheated on me while i was pregnant with his child. we have been togther for 7 years. end up the girl he cheated on me with end up pregnant also. it hurted me so bad that while i was in my 8th month of pregnacy i started to lose weight. the only he can say is he's sorry.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
No but I have dealt with trust issues when I felt that my hubby was giving some chick at his work the wrong idea and not affected when everyone thought he was sleeping with her. Once I talked to him and he realized how it must look he felt really bad.
Sweet-Jane Sweet-Jane 8 years
It's so sad how many of us have gone through this. Yes, I've been cheated on and it was, hands down, the most humiliating and infuriating experiences I've ever gone through. To make matters worse, all of his friends (who at the time, I thought were my friends, too) knew for almost a year and never said anything. It was hard, but I realized I can be pretty strong when I need to be. I'm blessed with a wonderful marriage now, but it took me so long to learn to trust again. Thank goodness my hubby's a patient man:)
Muirnea Muirnea 8 years
Wow, this is really depressing...this so should not be over half of us.... :( (any of us really...). I just want to say I'm so sorry to everyone on here who has been cheated on. And wow, Fallen, geez that has to be the worst way to find out!!! 8-0!!! I've been cheated on emotionally in my opinion and partially physically, not sex, but some other stuff, and I know how horrible that was for me, so I can't imagine how some of you guys feel.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
My ex-boyfriend cheated on me for pretty much the entire 2 years we were together... with his best friend/ex-girlfriend who I had befriended and gotten pretty close to. Almost a year into our relationship, they went to Vegas for his sister's birthday, and I checked his phone account online (I'd had a suspicion about what was going on), and found numerous pictures of him naked that he'd sent to her and vice versa, with things like, "last night was so fun." I waited to confront them until they got home, and they both denied everything, saying they were "old pictures". Well, one drunken night, the girl admitted to me what was going on, and he still denied it. She honestly said to me, "I'm not doing this to hurt you. I'm looking out for my number one, myself." How selfish can you be?! I stayed with him for another year, only to discover more texts, pictures, emails, etc. I stayed because he'd ruined every bit of self-esteem I had. I was depressed and felt completely worthless. Even though I'm glad our relationship is over because I've found a man that is 1000 times the man my ex will ever be, I would never wish that hurt & heartbreak on anyone, it's devastating. As for karma, my ex started dating the girl...and she found him cheating on her in his car with a girl he worked with. He moved in with the girl from work. And when she moved away, the 2 douchebags got back together...and they just got a house together. We'll see how it goes this time.
Ikandy Ikandy 8 years
I got my heart broken when I was took me 2 years to truly get over him, and be able to be in a relationship again...the way I found out and the way the relationship ended was terrible. I NEVER want to be in that situation again... IMO, the pain of knowing u loved someone more than they loved u, is the hardest to deal with.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
hottinpink9021 - eww, can you say "STD risk"? If he's done that to you when drunk then what would he do the next time? Urgh. That makes me sick. Sorry you have to go through that. x
pinkworld320 pinkworld320 8 years
Yes I unfortunately have been cheated on. It really is awful pain and just sucks the life out of you. I have been with my ex off and on for about 2 years and he cheated last year and it broke us completely. After not talking to him for months he called and begged me back, so stupid me I got back with him only to find out later he eventually started texting and calling with other girls behind my back! He said that it wasn't cheating to him because he only texted and never had any intentions of actually hanging out with them?! That's still cheating isn't it? Then as of this week after we tried it yet again I found more texts from different girls in his phone! I woke him up and kicked him out of my place. I just can't believe he would do this, why get involved with someone and do this behind their back? I'm sure i'll get slack for being the dumb girl who goes back but I did and now I have to suffer the consequences.
hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 8 years
Funny you ask.... I just found out 2 days ago that my live-in boyfriend/best friend of 2 years cheated on me three months ago! (He didn't have sex or make out, but got head from some random and supposedly ugly girl when he was wasted and out of town. What kind of slut would do that?!) Anyways, I feel so devistated knowing that I would never have done anything like that to him, and that he lied to me about it for 3 months! But the good thing is, he feels just as bad about it as I do. I kicked him out and he now living with a friend. I'm taking this weekend to figure things out and decide what I want to do. And he is taking the weekend to figure out what the hell is wrong with himself. This is the very first time I have ever been cheated on (I'm 20) and it is the worst feeling in the world. Thank God for xanax ;)
megw06 megw06 8 years
Yes, my first college boyfriend cheated on me by making out with another girl at a lounge in Boston...and I was there!! I had gone with my friends, he went with his and mine bounced early. He was dancing with this one girl a little too closely, and his friends told me they were just friends, but I was irritated and went to the bathroom to calm down. I came back out, and they were making out! I was DEVASTATED. We had only just made it official and apparently he was getting "scared"...I grabbed his arm, said "BYE" and walked out. I waited until I got outside to burst into tears. Suffice it to say, the relationship was over.
lovelie lovelie 8 years
Yep...and he got the girl pregnant.
bbkf bbkf 8 years
No, not that I know of.
Karma87 Karma87 8 years
My first husband cheated... He had a female friend since childhood, and they decided to get it on one night when he was mad at me for something or another. Then, after I asked him where he'd been, he actually told me. I was never mad at the woman, strangely, but-it was the end of us and I wanted to hide his body in the backyard, though... Yes, he's still alive, but has been married and divorced twice since then. Karma.
Hanna1117 Hanna1117 8 years
I didn't find out until a year after it had happened, I stayed with him for a while because at that point we were living together. About 6 months after I found out, I left him for other reasons.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
Yes, a few times. :(
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 8 years
No, thank god. I would kill me if something like that happened.
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
Not that I know of.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 8 years
i didn't know that i was 'very' lucky- are that many guys dogs?
seraphimm seraphimm 8 years
My God.... 60%?! that's depressing...:'( I'm so glad for the women that left those relationships and found their true soulmates!!
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