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Dear Poll: Have You Ever Cried Over a Bad Haircut?

There are some things that can make a person more upset than they should be and a bad haircut is definitely one of them. Of course logically, we know that hair will grow, but at the time, when you’re staring at your new 'do while huge chunks of your hair surrounds you on the floor, there’s an accompanying feeling of panic and dread.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve walked out of a salon, got in my car, and burst into tears. I hope I’m not alone in having one of these mini breakdowns so ladies, what I want to know is, have you ever cried over a completely terrible cut job?


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runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 8 years
Oh, my sister cried once when I cut 15 inches off my hair on her birthday. I donated it and I loved my pixie cut. :)
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 8 years
I generally don't care, it's hair and it grows back. Once, however, I was getting my bangs trimmed, and they were still in my eyes. I asked the stylist to go just a bit shorter, to my eyebrow. Before telling me what she had in mind, she said, "I know what you want, it's very in." She proceeded to chop all my bang off and she left me with 1/2 inch fringe. I cried, she gave my shampoo (as if it makes your hair grow back?), and I still paid the $40 and tipped. I am a civil person. However, I went home, grabbed longer hair from behind my fringe and made new bangs.
Tiffinynabors Tiffinynabors 9 years
YES! I cried for five days at work. I cried while checking people out (I was a cashier for a department store.) People thought I was sick. MY managers asked if I needed time off. Every time I looked at someone I knew I would start crying. What happened was that I wanted my hair dyed and she burned it all off. like it fell out in handfuls!! I have never had taht happened before and asked her if it was okay and she said yeah and kept putting stuff in my hair. By the time it was done it went from my back to my ears. I wanted to slit that womans tires. Oh and my cousin didnt want me to cut my hair before his wedding. Yeah. Sad story.
mollybaby mollybaby 9 years
i let my older sister BLEACH huge, chunky highlights in my chocolate brown hair when we were in like 6th grade.. nooot a cute idea.
Jessie-M Jessie-M 9 years
My mom cried once when my sister got a horrible cut (though my sister loved it). She had long, blonde, curly hair-anybody's DREAM, she barely even had to brush it and it would look stunning...the day before her graduation, she went to the mall to get her hair done...and came back with 3 inch long jet black hair...and get this...two STRIPS of shaved bald head running up the back of her neck almost to the crown, like racing stripes. I guess she wanted something daring...though she looked more like a skunk with her white scalp next to the jet black hair. My mom almost disowned her. It was a really hideous haircut :P I gotta give it to my sister though, she has balls when it comes to drastically changing hairstyles :)
cereal_please cereal_please 9 years
It's ridiculous how many times I've cried about my haircuts. They never looked bad either but I always thought they did at first and freaked out.. probably just because I missed my old hair so much. Numerous times I've left the salon, put my hair up in a pony tail, gotten in the car and started bawling. Terrible. Good thing there's an ice cream place near where I get my hair cut because it definitely makes things easier.
jasmint jasmint 9 years
The first (and only) time I ever got a haircut I really hated, I went home and fixed it myself. This lead to years of avoiding professional hair salons and cutting my hair myself, with surprisingly good results.
AllaWallaBalla AllaWallaBalla 9 years
In the last year, especially, it seems like I'm always crying; one bad haircut after another! I used to be the type that would walk into any old random Supercuts and walk out with a great cut but all of a sudden, no matter how much or how little I spend on a cut, I get a disaster! Come back to me, good hair karma!
SugarsMyName SugarsMyName 9 years
It was my first semester of College and I went in to one of those "mall places" that my sister went to, becuase I thought, how bad could it be, really? I told the guy that I had 8:00 classes so I needed something that I could take care of relatively easily. Well he took that as, "Hey, Mister...could ya shave my head??"...and he did, the sides of my head!!! It was AWFUL!! The crying started in the chair and didn't stop for 4 days. What's worse, my sister made me give him a tip!!! Now, 7 years later I interview people to cut my hair!!
smp7328 smp7328 9 years
I have cried several times over haircuts. But the most recent was in baltimore a few years ago. it was on my birthday. i had a really short pixie haircut. I had been to her several times and she had done a great job. so, i told her how i wanted it trimmed and then the lady goes and gives me some weird-as* bangs. wtf?!?!?! I left with my friend and went straight to the bathroom and had her get out a brush and try to fix it. I was a mess and I was pissed. I don't like paying 40 bucks for a haircut for it to look like shizz. It took a few months until i was able to style it to where it didn't look like I cut my own bangs.
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 9 years
I got the most awful haircut you can imagine from some no talent skank. It was devastating. I just walked out to my car and starting sobbing. Then a nice lady salvaged as much of it as she could. It took a VERY long time to grow out. Now I always drive back to Louisiana to get it cut by my regular lady. She always does exactly what I ask and is fine when I am picky.
rpenner rpenner 9 years
i haven't ever cried over a hair cut. i've been lucky i guess cause it's definitely not that i'm unadventurous when it comes to my hair
thegiraffe thegiraffe 9 years
YES. I was going to join high school, was all excited and wanted a new look to impress everyone. That...woman *controls bad words* gave me a fake Marilyn Monroe haircut that totally flopped and I cried my heart out right there (I was 11) and the *** didn't even apologize. To add insult to injury, this friend of hers said right in front of me 'Don't pay attention to this kida, Lisa, you've done a great job'. It took well over six years for me to get my locks back again. Ever since, I haven't dared experiment with new looks, though I am happy with the way it is now.
shoegal22 shoegal22 9 years
I've never cried over the cut but colour yes, she dyed it red when I asked for brown and it was really painful to get it to the colour that she decided to do it.
robins robins 9 years
it was the afternoon of my matric farewell dance(senior prom) and the lady who always did my moms hair was also doing my hair that day needless to say she cut it too short and spoiled the rest of the night!! i felt like cancelling everything. she also did my sisters hair and cut it too short(again) and dyed it red!!
kimberley kimberley 9 years
My daughter cried when I told her I was going to cut my hair. Cried hard. Which convinced me, mostly, not to do it. My husband and mother in law, both of whom I love dearly, individually and together had tried to encourage me to cut my hair. At that time, it was knee length, except for the bangs. They wanted something different or something fashionable or whatever. I've always liked it long. Well, they got me aggravated and I said I would cut it, but it would have to be my way. I was planning on cutting it Sinead style/GI Jane style and donating as much length as I could to a wigmaker for cancer patients. Well, the idea of chopping it at the scalp distressed them. Wouldn't chin length or shoulder length be fine? How unprofessional a shaved-looking head would look! I told them no, if I was going to cut it I would make it worth it. But when I told my daughter, she cried and cried and would not stop. Finally I showed her pictures on the Locks of Love website of kids with cancer who had cute wigs and she agreed I could cut a little. So we put the end in a ponytail, cut off 12 inches, and put it in an envelope to mail away. In the meantime the daughter has gotten into her head that she wants to have long hair just like Mama so she refuses to get it cut except for bangs. hee. She looks more like Dora the Explorer but it'll grow... And no one has twitted me about my hair length since. Except the daughter who periodically reminds me that both of us have to promise to have matching "mermaid hair" forever.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Yeah I think so...I hate it when hairdressers cut it too short.
Red77 Red77 9 years
I was suffering from injuries that really prevented me from sitting in a chair for too long, let alone dipping my head back to get my hair washed at a salon. A hairdresser relative was visiting and my hair was getting so long, so I told her I would wash it and asked if she could cut it. I put my finger just passed my shoulder where I wanted the longest layer. I started feeling air on my neck and asked her how much she was cutting and she said exactly what I told her. I looked in the mirror and had hair that went to the middle of my neck. She asked me if I wanted her to layer it and I told her no. Needless to say I ended up at a salon where I should have went to in the first place. NEVER EVER let a relative cut your hair.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 9 years
well for me it wasn't a bad haircut... it was a bad dye job... and it was TERRIBLE. I was going through a breakup and wanted to make myself feel better by getting my hair done differently. I had never gotten my hair colored before, so I found a photo that showed EXACTLY what I wanted with the highlights and lowlights.... and I went to a place nearby that seemed pretty upscale. WORST MISTAKE EVER. They didn't do my hair ANYTHING like the photo I showed them. I ended up looking like an un-cool version of Rogue from X-men (NOT what i asked for). And they totally fried my hair by bleaching certain parts of it... my bangs were like, WHITE, instead of blonde, and they put lowlights on top which just made my hair look dirty (i'm naturally blonde), and when I put my hair in a pony tail, my bangs went down the center and made me look like a skunk... it was terrible. I cried and cried and cried and cried. Then I had to shell out MORE money at another place for them to fix it. And bless them, because they did the best they could and it actually ended up looking semi-decent. Now I research a place RIDICULOUSLY before getting my hair done there.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
No. I don't think I've ever 'experimented' much with my hairstyle so it's pretty boring and standard. Plus I don't spend that much on haircuts anyway so I have no reason to cry if they do things wrong. My other motto is: It'll grow out eventually. Therefore I'm not usually worried.
allien86 allien86 9 years
Nope. But I admittedly dont really care about my hair at all. I just sit in the chair and tell the hairdresser to do whatever. Looking back I have had some shocking cuts, however at the time I didnt care!
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
two times...the first time I ever cut my hair, I was like 13 (I know that's really old - I had super long hair and I had only ever gotten trims) and I told the lady I wanted it to my shoulders and in layers, but the stupid lady got scissor-happy and cut it right under my chin and it was awwwwfuland I cried and cried. the other time, I got it cut really short because I had been wanting a short cut, and, at first, I hated it and I cried for like half an hour. then, after a little while, I realized that it looked really good and that I loved it...
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