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Dear Poll: Who do you Tell your Secrets to?

We all know that the only way to keep something a secret is to not tell anyone, and while we all like to say we are great at keeping secrets, sometimes it's close to impossible to stay mum. It seems like everyone has that one person they tell things too, but as you can assume, that is the easiest way to spread rumors because that one person you tell will then turn around and tell their one person and so on and so on. So ladies, what I want to know is, when someone confides in you and tells you a secret, who do you tell?


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calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
agreed with brians girl and luckygal. there are somethings u cant even tell ure bestiest friend
behemoth_the_cat behemoth_the_cat 9 years
My boyfriend. I tell him everything. He's not a gossiper, he won't tell. I do gossip occasionaly, so that's why I tell him; otherwise, I might be tempted to tell it to someone else. I know that nobody can keep a secret; you've got to tell just one person! so he's the person i tell it to and then it stays a secret.
nessabum nessabum 9 years
mostly, i tell my guy. he's my rock. he's got to know. but also my best friends.
Maria-M Maria-M 9 years
My mother, she's my best friend! :)
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 9 years
other; my artwork.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
My therapist; therapy is so helpful. I also tell my secrets to my diary; writing is a huge release for me.
janellethechef janellethechef 9 years
Other! Where is the option for my sister?! She knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets!
peachiepink peachiepink 9 years
i tell my dog, if anyone. people are not to be trusted. mainly because they can speak in ways that other humans can understand.
zc zc 9 years
my sister or i keep to myself
partysugar partysugar 9 years
The only person you can truly trust with a secret: my non-judgmental therapist.
candy-apple candy-apple 9 years
i tell everything to my boyfriend who's also my best friend. he's way better at keeping secrets than me though. he's the one ppl go to when they want to get things of their chest. and he doesnt tell anyone- not even me!
Rachiepop Rachiepop 9 years
Other: I have a friend of mine who moved to Georgia, she knows everyone here that I know, but was never friends with any of my friends and she isn't going to be coming back to visit at least not anytime soon so I tell her some secrets. Other times I tell one of two online friends. I've known them both well over a year now and they're kinda and I can relate to them. (Don't worry they're both 100% who they say they are I've chatted with them on cam and everything). One is Joelle she lives in Canada and doesn't know any one here so I feel safe telling her things because it just sorta gets it off my chest and shes' always got great advice. The other is Sophie, she's from England and whenever I've got a secret that's making me sad I tell her because she's so bubbly and fun she's always got a way to lift my spirits. :)
vmruby vmruby 9 years
My husband, who is also my best friend.......he is the most open-minded, non-judgemental person i know.I can tell him anything........
Marci Marci 9 years
When my mother was alive, I told her anything and everything. I also tell my fiance everything. But I do respect someone's request to not repeat something, and in that circumstance I didn't tell my mother or my fiance.
guineapiggin9 guineapiggin9 9 years
If someone else told me the secret and told me not to tell, then I don't tell. However, if I have a secret of my own that I can't hold in ANY longer, I tell my best friend Rachel. I've known her since pre-K and I know I can trust her with ANY of my secrets, no matter how juicy. She tells me all her secrets too, so it goes both ways.
rubialala rubialala 9 years
My husband, who is also my best friend!
Brians-Girl Brians-Girl 9 years
i usually tell my bestfriend and my boy.. but lately its just been mostly my boy... but it really depends on what the secret is
hexidecimalhack hexidecimalhack 9 years
Mostly I share things with my mom and my husband, just because I trust my mother, and of course I feel the same way about my husband. Neither of them have ever betrayed my trust. ^^
LuckyGrl-83 LuckyGrl-83 9 years
depends on the secret...
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
If someone tells me explicitly to keep something to myself, I don't share it. If someone doesn't explicitly tell me to keep something to myself, I'll usually ask if I can share it with my BF.
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