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Did any of you catch Bravo's new show The Millionaire Matchmaker last night? If not, let me recap it for you. Patti Stanger, a dynamic, loudmouthed, and bossy Los Angeles-based matchmaker, helps find compatible partners for the uber-rich and successful men of LA who were too busy building their careers to find time for love. While Patti does all the legwork finding their dream girls, she makes it very clear that she's no Heidi Fleiss!

Of course matchmaking is an old-fashioned way to find your soul mate, but in this day and age when you have to check your calendar before saying yes to a simple half hour coffee date, some people need all the help they can get in the love department. When you have people as dedicated as Patti, who says there's no better feeling than setting up two people, I say why not take a chance and go for it! But what do you all think? Would you ever hire a matchmaker to help kick start your love life?

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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