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Dear Poll: Would You Wear This?

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, which is why Jennifer Baumgardner's new T-shirt controversy is so fitting. If her name sounds familiar, it's because she was the brains behind the "I had an abortion" T-shirt worn by indie rocker Ani DiFranco three years ago in a public venue. As if that didn't cause enough controversy, she's back with a new version, but this time the shirt reads "I was raped." Since there's so much negativity, shame, and fear surrounding rape, Baumgardner hopes her T-shirts will force the general public to think and talk about it. Some might say this shirt is crossing the line, but she defends herself by saying,

The wearer isn’t advertising that he or she was raped, but rather opening up to you, the viewer, and also saying that this is a small part of who he or she is.

So ladies, even if you haven't been a victim of sexual assault yourself, you might know someone that has, so tell me, would you ever wear this shirt in hopes of raising awareness about rape?

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