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There seems to be a new trend in Hollywood -- men knocking up their girlfriends and then leaving them for another woman while their ex is still preggo with their baby!!! Loyal they are not. But what happens if you simply fall in love with someone else? Is it fair to say he should follow his heart? Or do you think he should finish what he has started and give his new family a shot at succeeding? While everyone is entitled to her own opinion, what I want to know is, would you date a man that left his pregnant girlfriend for you?


calli-gurl calli-gurl 9 years
if those guys knew what love really was, they wouldnt leave their preggy gfs in the first place. they will be what they are forever. suckers for love
melda melda 10 years
goldskies goldskies 10 years
I'm currently dating and in love with a guy who's ex girl is pregnant. she found out a few weeks after we started dating and proceeded to shout it from the roof tops so to speak. she is wacko about the whole thing. it's obvious she intentionally got pregnant knowing their relationship was about to end. he has a 6 yr old daughter by another woman. one day i accidently found letters the pregnant girl wrote to him about how jealous she was that the other woman had a part of him and she didn't. then i found one where she told him what a miracle their baby was and how she already loves him/her. at 4 months pregnant she already has a carseat and babyshade in her car. i mean this girl is obsessed. she has come to my work making a scene about her condition and about me dating the father of her baby. she stalks him, beats on his door when i'm over, calls his phone over and over while we're out, shows up at his parents house on holidays, b-days etc. anyways, point is he didn't plan to have a child with her but she is trying to trap him. he says he is going to love and support the baby but swears he wont go back to her. i just hope he doesn't take that wacko back once the child is born (3 months from now). i don't think he's scum or a jerk, i think he has made poor choices in girlfriends in the past.
PhillyGirl6 PhillyGirl6 10 years
Knowingly; I would never want to be involved with a man like that. It's sickening that some of these men don't even want to acknowledge the paternity of their own children. However, 20 years ago I met & fell in love with a man who did not know his previous fling, (they were never an official couple) was pregnant. She was 2 months when we met & they had already stopped seeing each other before she found out about the pregnancy. She didn't inform him until she was almost 6 months. We were already heavily involved at that time, and there were no chances for reconciliation, before he even met me. Due to personal reasons she was unable to raise the baby the first year of his life; I happily resumed that responsibility and we (his father & I) raised him while maintaining an amicable relationship w/ her until she was able to resume parenting. That baby; now a man, still considers me his 2nd Mom and his father & I still maintain a close friendship. As well; I still have infrequent, but good communications with his mother.
Green Green 10 years
If he would leave her "with child" what condition is he going to leave you in??
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 10 years
Depends Is he going to take responsibility or automatically pull the It ain't Mine game.... I actually would prefer to avoid the whole drama and be with a guy who realized that birth control works....
lissa25 lissa25 10 years
its called use birth control AND a condom and there will be no baby to abandon and leave with a girlfriend.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 10 years
i think that sometimes people fall in love with someone else. i mean, having two parents at home is wonderful (thats the life I have) but most of my friends' parents are divorced, and the consensus is htat before htey were divorced, they fought all the time and it was awful to be around, so now that they're separated they're civil around them and each get to spend time with the child. i think that its better to be supportive of the baby, spend time with the baby, etc., but if you're not in love with the mtoher, it'll make everyone miserable if he sticks around. however, i don't think i could be with someone who did that.
fab4 fab4 10 years
Junebrug made a great point! Why does everyone keep saying that you can't help who you fall in love with?? Are you not able to use deductive reasoning and rationalize whether he's a good guy or not?
nessabum nessabum 10 years
about the first option--you might love the person, but it doesn't mean you need to date them. the two don't need to go hand in hand. and no, i wouldn't date a guy who got some other girl preggers. too complicated.
lissa25 lissa25 10 years
luv_bug1211, so basically you helped contribute to a cheater cheating. there is no "technicality" when it comes to that--you're just using that phrase to make yourself feel better. a smart woman waits until the man is SINGLE to move in for the kill. he deserves whats coming to him for being such a low life.
lissa25 lissa25 10 years
no way! not a smart move. shows he has poor character! true, you can't help who you love, but that doesn't mean they're good for you or that you should be with them!
luv_bug1211 luv_bug1211 10 years
Im actually in this situation right now(grab your pitchforks). My guy and i had gotten together while he was still technically dating someone, we had been together for awhile before we broke up due to issues with him being away. When he called that evening to break it off with her she ended up telling him that she had found out that afternoon that she was pregnant. Its a rather large mess right now actually.
zc zc 10 years
not a chance
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
No way would I date a man that got another woman pregnant. KerryG, I totally agree with you.
divalicious23 divalicious23 10 years
I also want to hear their excuses.
divalicious23 divalicious23 10 years
I would say yes to a dinner and then lecture them on the date! I don't care what they say I'll tell them they're plain nasty.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
There is no way I would date them.
krystalmak krystalmak 10 years
Cheating is bad. Let's leave it at that.
stefsprl stefsprl 10 years
While it's definitely not cool to leave your pregnant partner, to be fair, didn't Denise Richards leave Charlie Sheen? And didn't Bridget Moynahan find out she was pregnant after she and Tom Brady broke up? Eddie Murphy though? Seems to be a total scumbag. Getting Melanie Brown pregnant and then breaking up with her by taking someone else to a public event? And then denying that he was the father? No class
sw2190 sw2190 10 years
I t does depend on who the guy is and if you love hima nd you back and on wh is ex was and the reasons for him leaving her, but an ex witha kid means she will alwaysd be in his life, it is hard haviung a relationship with that kind oif baggage and yeh what if hed do it to me?
Misskastar Misskastar 10 years
I absolutely wouldn't date a guy who did that. It just seems like they are too nonchalant about fatherhood and marriage. They act as if it is disposable or something worthy of an upgrade. Yes, people can't help who the fall in love with, but people can help how serious and well thought out their plans are!
junebrug junebrug 10 years
I think you can control who you fall in love with. In order to fall in love, you have to spend a lot of time with a person, simply limit the one-on-one time you spend with that person if you know he's not for you. The ability to choose and be rational is what seperates us from our friends the animals.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
No way! I'd just be counting down the days until he ran off with someone else. What a waste of time. :oy: I do think you can't help who you fall in love with, though.
Marci Marci 10 years
No, I wouldn't date a guy who could do that. Eddie Murphy brought this behavior to an all time low, but Billy Crudup met his match with Claire Danes. In the end, she just dumped him for someone else. And these are the people everyone idolizes?? How sad. But I do have to wonder how all these women are winding up 'accidentally' pregnant? If you're going to play, sometimes you have to pay.
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