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Dear Poll: Are You a Moody Person?

Most people I'm close to are good at keeping an even temperament even in the midst of something negative. However, there are certainly a few people in my life who have very intense emotional reactions and tend to fluctuate moods depending on that emotion. Even though it can be hard to handle at times, I know that everyone is entitled to her own feelings and reactions to things. Sure, many women get a touch of this around the time of their periods, but in general, do you think that you're a moody person?


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calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
i picked the third option. but i dont get mood swings while im on my period. i only get moody when im in a stressful situation or when my bf does the tiniest thing. i was never moody before i met him. he made me fed up so bad of stuff that i get pissed off easily. but only by him. lol. he has to bear it. he caused it in the first place. ;) lol
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I am ridiculously moody. I try not to be but apparently my mind and face are on two different pages.
hautepink7 hautepink7 9 years
Luckily, I'm too easy going to be moody. Even when I'm stressed, PMSing or not having a good day, I rarely get ill-tempered.
omlove omlove 9 years
I am genuinely working on making myself more even tempered and positive.
omlove omlove 9 years
yes I have been moody all my life but I can act normal in front of people. Only those close to me would know about my moods. Recently I have been extremely moody but that is because of my health. Im hoping once the condition gets resolved I will be much better. Also I was forced to leave my job because of the health issue temporarily. So, Im in a pretty bad place right now and Im scared of my own mood swings, its an emotional roller coaster. The target is mainly my boyfriend :(
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I am really moody when I'm stressed out, which I am a lot.
northofantastic northofantastic 9 years
I'm not naturally very moody, but I recently started taking birth control and DAMN did it kick my butt the first month and a half. It's since been three months since I started and thankfully, I'm feeling like my old self again. It had me acting antisocial and prone to unreasonable anger when normally I'm a very mellow and cheerful person. I'm glad to be back to normal. :D LOL.
emalove emalove 9 years
Not really...I'm pretty even-keeled, I'd say. Although I do get cranky when I'm really hungry or over-tired.
bbkf bbkf 9 years
I'm very even tempered. It really takes a lot to put me in a bad mood, and I come out of it quickly and easily.
SLH04 SLH04 9 years
I am moody but hey I am only 25 and still learning to deal with the ups and downs in life. Also PMS does kick my butt at times and this adds to my attitude problem. HOWEVER, I am learning that everyone has some sort of issue in their life and that my moodiness does not help any situation. So controlling my emotions is still a learning process for me.
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
I am very moody. But I have a stressful life and it tends to cause my moodiness. I try really hard not to direct it at anyone else, but sometimes I just can't help it.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I only turn moody after dealing with stress for a long period of time. But my moodiness doesn't last that long.
Meike Meike 9 years
Only when dealing with stress in my life.
Sporky Sporky 9 years
Not really. I'm usually in a good mood, but if I happen to be down or grumpy I warn everyone around me.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 9 years
LOL smr - some days it feels like it ;-)
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I am only moody if somethign stress is going on (switching jobs etc.) and when I am on my period too. I try not to e so much with my period but sometimes I just can't help it!
Karma87 Karma87 9 years
Sorry about that, I'm so moody sometimes I have a split personality...singing one minute, short, short fuse the next, :) I couldn't resist. I apologise.
Karma87 Karma87 9 years
Kimpossible are you very, very short and live in a cottage in the woods? Have a lovely looking (albeit a little sketchy) houseguest? Work in a mine? Have a bad witch around the mountain as your neighbour??? Is "Hi-ho" your favorite song? Damn, I'd be moody too!
LadyP LadyP 9 years
I'm very moody! Always have been!
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I'm terribly moody.
ayuninur ayuninur 9 years
sundaygreen sundaygreen 9 years
Kimpossible Kimpossible 9 years
I've been moody much of my life. It's an emotional roller coaster and it's not fun. Just because one is moody though doesn't mean that they're bitchy. for me it's more of an in tune with my feelings thing and the fact that I pick up on other peoples feelings so easily it can cause mood swings. I believe that's called an empath. I once had someone tell me that I was like all 7 of the dwarfs rolled up in one lol.
murdock99tx murdock99tx 9 years
I try to avoid people when I'm particularly moody. I'm childfree, so that simplifies that aim.
JanetG0307 JanetG0307 9 years
i am so moody! to be fair, i usually warn people when i am in a bad mood.
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