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Dear Poll: Are You a Phone Person?

Some people are born talkers. They could gab on the phone for hours on end and still find more things to discuss. Then there are those who almost pray to get voicemail in hopes of avoiding a live conversation. I actually consider myself a good phone person, but when the individual on the other end isn't, it can make for some incredibly awkward conversation. Of course face to face communication always makes for higher quality conversation, but tell me, are you a phone person?


calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
it absolutely depends on whos on the other end. family? nope. friends? some. a guy im into? totally into it :)
ayuninur ayuninur 9 years
It totally depends on who's on the other end.
awkwardturtle awkwardturtle 9 years
Im another one guilty of writing a script.... its just easier for me that way and makes for less awkward pauses
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
HATE HATE HATE HATE it My job requires me to be on the phone for most of the day. The absolute LAST THING I want to do when I get home is talk on the phone. I've actually lost a couple of friends over it because they just don't understand. Send me an email, you'll get an immediate response, but DO NOT call me unless it's an emergency. My true friends get it. I hate talking on the phone ALMOST as much as I hate shopping, and BELIEVE me, I hate shopping. Grocery shopping, Christmas Shopping and ESPECIALLY clothes shopping. If I have to go to the store, it's go in, get what I need, get out. Done.
steffy08 steffy08 9 years
wow im really surprised. i thought i was the only one who hated talking on the phone. i never pick up my phone anymore i just wait to listen to the voice message and if its important ill call back if not ill probably keep putting it off
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
i used to be a really big phone person, but nowdays i find i hate it and want to text instead or let it go to voicemail. i'm really bad with screening calls, too. but sometimes the mood strikes for a long convo!
bbkf bbkf 9 years
I *hate* talking on the phone. I will avoid it to the point of absurdity.
ohkate ohkate 9 years
I used to be until I turned into a texting person. now I'm more of a "talk face to face" person. there's too much "lost in translation" if you will...
lms lms 9 years
I like talking on the phone. I have recently gotten into texting, but I find that depending on who it is with, my message can get taken the wrong way. I think texting is impersonal but effiicient. You can't always tell whether some one is serious or joking over a text message.
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
I voted "it depends" b/c I usually DESPISE IT, but will talk to my mom for many minutes.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
As for me, it depends on who I'm talking to. If it's someone I care about, I'm fine on the phone and in person. If it's nobody special, I prefer not to talk on the phone, or in person, for that matter. :)
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
i hate talking on the phone. I am never in a good place to talk or either don't feel like chit chatting. I love texting and im'ing but being on the phone is so not my thing!
totygoliguez totygoliguez 9 years
I heat talking on the phone, so much! I heated with passion.
Antioxidant Antioxidant 9 years
I'm good over the phone. I've been told by bosses that I have the best phone voice ever! But, I really hate phones. I Don't like when they ring, especially! >_<
rickimc rickimc 9 years
I'll really only talk to my mom and my fiance on the phone. My boss makes fun of me because I will walk all the way down to her office to ask a simple yes/no question rather than call her.
linditamaria linditamaria 9 years
Dr No, your comment cracked me up! i get really anxious over the phone, unless i'm talking to my boyfriend. i'd much rather text, email, or chat in person! then you can't get me to shut up!
Mesayme Mesayme 9 years
I can't stand talking on the phone...cauliflower ear!! I hate it. I'd so much rather talk in person over coffee or tea and something to eat. I'm a typical southern USA girl. We G.R.I.T.S. like to touch hands and forearms when we talk. You can't do that over the phone. And I'm a mother, all my friends are mothers... who has time for that?
Melo-D Melo-D 9 years
Dr No, you hit it right on the head! I sometimes have to do the script if it's an important call. I thought it was just me. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone.
Dr-No Dr-No 9 years
I hate talking on the phone to people I don't know. For example, I have to work up courage to make a hair appointment, restaurant reservation, or doctor's appointment! My sister used to laugh at me because I always had to write a phone script before I made a call (OK, I still do that...) I would close the door, prepare mentally, and dial. Then as soon as I said a word she would bust into the room and laugh at me and rob my of my concentration! I would so much rather physically go to a person than call them on the phone. I've never been offered a job for which I phone interviewed. *sigh*
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Depends on the person however 99% of the time I hate answering/making a call. I just dislike it for some reason.
psterling psterling 9 years
I'm fine on the phone with my friends and stuff but I LOATHE hearing my phone ring at work. I'd rather get an email, that way I can collect my thoughts, find out answers to their question (if I don't know it) and compose a thoughtful response. Otherwise it just feels like I'm being ambushed.
batgirl251 batgirl251 9 years
hate the phone. it's the most awkward thing in the world.
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
ok i hate to say it but unless its family that i can't see all the time--i'd rather text or email
javsmav javsmav 9 years
I hate talking on the phone.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Yeah, I don't know what it is about talking on the phone that bugs me so much. My fiance's the same way, too. He'll beg off of phone conversations at 3 in the afternoon by saying he has to go cook dinner.
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