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I have a friend who wears designer jeans and heels all the time while her ex-boyfriend wore shorts no matter what occasion, weather, or time of day. Although their relationship didn't work out, I'm ashamed to say that I always wondered if his clothing choices bothered her at all. It's unfortunate but true — the appearances of those around us are a reflection of who we are, so ladies let me ask you, is your significant other a good or bad reflection of you?


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MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I buy his clothes.
Phunkometry Phunkometry 9 years
My guy is a little short and lost a significant amount of weight a couple of years ago, so he really doesn't know what looks good on him. And he despises color. And patterns. So he ends up wearing a black, white, or grey t-shirt from Foot Locker with a pair of jeans. Oh and god forbid he walks out of the house without his gold chain (Italian-American, what can I say?). And he thinks that if a thing is "expensive" it is automatically "nice". Not so. I've tried to help, but he didn't really appreciate it and always got very defensive, so I've stopped. But he knows how to clean up okay most of the time. Still love him though, no matter what he wears.
behemoth_the_cat behemoth_the_cat 9 years
Wow. My relationship is probably the opposite of the situation your friend had. My man dresses up, dresses well, has a nice style. I, on the other hand, have a more sporty style; I VERY RARELY wear skirts or anything but denim, and I have a lot of hoodies and t-shirts in my wardrobe. I rarely wear make-up and almost never wear high heels. And I wouldn't be able to say "who designed that handbag" in the fabsugar section if my life depended on it. So there you have it, opposites attract :-)
tinyspark tinyspark 9 years
My boyfriend still wears his Metallica t-shirts from junior high (he's 35!) and that's the least of it. To be honest, I would love to burn his wardrobe. However, he is an amazing, generous, goodhearted person. So what do I care? He treats me well and we have a great relationship. God knows I'm not perfect!
yes-jess yes-jess 9 years
heh, I usually wonder if I'm a bad reflection on him since I never dress up, unless I'm going to a family function. He doesn't like to dress up and I don't mind, but his friends' girlfriends are usually very nicely dressed. I'd like to put on something pretty but then I start obsessing because I look silly being dressed like that without makeup, eyebrow waxing etc. so I just do whatever I feel comfortable in. But I still wonder.
orangek8 orangek8 9 years
My boyfriend just got a PERM.
LittleMascara LittleMascara 9 years
One of my favorite things about my boyfriend is the fact that we aren't (visually) a great match. He's laid back in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. I'm dressed to the nines in heels and a cocktail dress. It's a good thing he's gorgeous or he probably wouldn't be able to pull off his neo-indie-redneck look (complete with flannel shirt) anywhere. But, I love him and he loves me, and we still manage to look great together.
Tinybubbles_21 Tinybubbles_21 9 years
When my boyfriend and i started dating his choice of clothing wasn't that great but i could deal with it. Now his style has changed very much (very appealing), not because i said anything, it was his own choice! Must say that i cant complain. I love the button down shirts when we go out and the T-shirt/sweat pants attire when we're just being bums!
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
you know... i was temped to say yes, because that is what i lean towards, but i just don't really care. my boyfriend wears polos or button ups every day and jeans. but a portion of his clothing i have made for him, so of course i like his style! if i haven't made them, i've picked them out. i do have to get him to find another pair of shoes he likes... he only likes one type of one brand.. very picky...
LovelyLady8 LovelyLady8 9 years
my guy is an amazing dresser! Sometimes I am like don't wear that too many girls will look at you! hahahaha! just kidding. but he dresses wonderful. we both clean up nicely. but when we are just hanging out around the house I am permanantly planted in PJ's!!! No matter what the time of day is :O)
jchung jchung 9 years
my guy is a great dresser, thanks to me :)
legalbeagle legalbeagle 9 years
me and the guy im seeing are both in law school and work in extremely professional settings.. we usually hang out monday - friday sooo suits and business casual are our uniforms, which is nice because he looks soooooooooo handsome in a suit YUM
Ginger19 Ginger19 9 years
My bf has better fashion sense than me. It's kinda like having all the great aspects of a bf with the fashion of your best gay friend. I love it !
Meike Meike 9 years
My fiancee is a sharp and stylish, metrosexual sotftware and hardware engineer. I can't complain. He has the hot appearance to go with his unquestionably great character and personality. I work in the fashion industry as a print/web designer. Undoubtedly, fashion and style interest me and I dress the part. It's not a requirement that he has to dress and appear as nicely as he does but it's definitely a nice bonus for me that he does it on his own accord. I'd say he's a wonderful reflection of me. Professionals by day, comfort by night...
thewavingcat thewavingcat 9 years
i think our styles complement each other pretty well. he usually wears a blazer and a nice shirt with nice jeans and i wear either a skirt with tights and a cute shirt or jeans and a cute top with heels.
Cate-McG Cate-McG 9 years
My husband looks great all the time because I buy all his clothes and tell him what to wear. Luckily he likes this arrangement!
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I generally like the way my fiance dresses. My only issue with how he dresses is the fit. Sometimes his work wear (dress pants/dress shirts..etc.) are cut wrong for him, so they look a little big. He does the occasional fashion faux pas and wear something random like a Hawaiian shirt, but that's John. I love him and his sometimes bad fashion sense :)
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
sometimes he is so arrogant and not me
emalove emalove 9 years
My husband is a t-shirt/jeans/hoodies type of guy and I'm fine with it. He's not a slob and he always looks neat and clean. I've never been attracted to men that look like they try too hard...I've always liked a more outdoorsy/rugged type of guy.
i-am-elle i-am-elle 9 years
I love my boyfriend's style!! He almost always looks nice & polished somehow. If anything.. I look like a bum next to him. :-P
Naidean7 Naidean7 9 years
my bf and I are both super laid back and easy going people. It seems harder for us to dress up for a formal occasion then to just chill in jeans and be content.
mlen mlen 9 years
my boyfriends always seem to leave dressing better than when i found them haha and its not that i try very hard to make them change, it just happens! my one ex when we first started dating asked me to help him pick out an outfit for a wedding we were attending- he was very much a construction guy, didn't have a fancy waredrobe- so i helped him out and after that he bought some other nice shirts and it evolved! another ex had a closet full of decent clothes but wore the same tshirt and button down combo everywhere. i encouraged him to wear some of his other outfits, and i also bought him stuff for christmas one year that he loved and wore all the time. the guy i just started dating is actually pretty good so far! i am very into fashion, so i tend to always be more dressed up then any guy i'm dating! i'm fine with that. sometimes i think i scare them with my fashion choices lol but thats ok too ;)
Marci Marci 9 years
I think my fiance and I compliment each other. We're always similarly dressed insofar as being casual, dressy casual or dressy. And we tend to color coordinate if we're going somewhere.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
My husband's a better dresser than I am. He always looks dapper and handsome. I'm not always as pulled together as I'd like to be.
michelleannette michelleannette 9 years
my guy and i are somewhat mismatched. honestly, i don't care what he's wearing or what people think. i love him and we have a blast while we are together. i am attracted to him, not his clothes.
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