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Dear Poll: Are you comfortable being Naked?

How do you feel about being naked? In a previous poll, 42% of you said you feel more comfortable having sex with the lights off. Being secure in your own skin makes a huge difference in your overall well being says Laure Redmond, the author of Feel Good Naked. She was quoted in O Magazine's July 2007 issue saying,

"I just want women to feel good about their bodies so they can feel good about themselves - because when a women feels good naked, it shows"

For me, being comfortable and confident in my own skin came with age. Just like all young women, I fell victim to the media's obsession with skinny. While we all have our fair share of insecurities, what I want to know is, are you comfortable without any clothes on?


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Girl101 Girl101 7 years
I am very comfortable with nudity. As long as the people present mature about it, I really don't mind if I am the only nude person, but I like to be around other nudes as well. I have been to several nudist resorts and clothing optional beaches and find that naked people tend to be more genuine.
Abnormal-girlie Abnormal-girlie 8 years
Not comfortable with my nudity. Comfortable with nudity in general especially my man's nudity.
calli-gurl calli-gurl 9 years
sometimes i do, when im alone. but i do feel insecure to be completely naked infront of my bf. i prefer lights out too, that way i`ll feel better but he, as nessyliz said, says that im hot and all. but i keep thinking, hes my guy, of course he would say that. and just to be clear, thin in not flawless. thin is a flaw
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
I am comfortable in my body and i love my body. But i will say i don't enjoy being nake i think that's my side of being shy. but more power to anyone who enjoys being naked.
MiyabiNa MiyabiNa 10 years
I don't mind naked~ usually I stay that way the whole time I'm getting ready after a shower (through my make up and hair)...and sometimes after work I just strip down to my undergarments and relax in bed for a all depends...
StefaPie StefaPie 10 years
i'm working on it, i've started wandering around my house in just undies and a tank top and i find i'm getting more accepting of what i look like.
Natty Natty 10 years
i am comfortable being naked, however i am modest. i am not going to parade all around the place with other people around. it is not comfortable for anyone. However, i am comfortable with the lights on . ;)
jaxon jaxon 10 years
Depends on whether I'm having a "fat" day lol
partysugar partysugar 10 years
I feel comfortable the only thing I don't like about it is sometimes I get really cold.
tokenguy tokenguy 10 years
If anyone is uncomfortable but wants to become comfortable and needs practice, please, let me know. I offer my services free of charge out of gratitude to this community. What a nice guy I am...
nessabum nessabum 10 years
i'm fine with my boyfriend seeing me naked. that's it though.
demeter demeter 10 years
No =(
söderskär söderskär 10 years
Maybe its because of this sauna culture in which I grew up, but I'm very confident and comfortable being naked. Actually, I don't necessarily associate nakedness with sexuality. Just last night I went swimming naked (the lake is practically in my backyard). I also sleep naked in the summer. I'm not a nudist and I'm not promiscuous at all, I'm just a very sensual person and I love to feel different sensations on my skin. The only reason why I don't walk around naked in front of just anyone, is that I know that I would make THEM feel very uncomfortable, just as I would feel embarrassed if I walked in on someone being naked. It's not that my eyes would pop out, it's just that private parts should be private. So I only walk around naked when I'm in my own home, on my own property.
Basma Basma 10 years
Actually I am comfy being naked , it the way GOd created us :) , although i have some curves an dlove handles but I can see my self thin & flawless :P
Marci Marci 10 years
The first hint that I've gained a few pounds is when I'm not comfortable being naked for long around my boyfriend. When I'm at my fighting weight, I'll run around doing some things before getting dressed. But basically, we live in the middle of Manhattan and no matter how much you think no one is watching, someone always is! So we keep covered most of the time! :D
starla619619 starla619619 10 years
i'm insecure about my body, even in a bathing suit or should i say esp. in a bathing suit in front of people but not in front of my man.
kayden kayden 10 years
I'm comfortable with my body. I 'm most comfortable when I'm working out at least 40 minutes 5 days a week. I also try to power walk 3 days a week. I like to look in the mirror and be happy with myself..
ndc1 ndc1 10 years
I've given birth twice. You lose a lot of self-consciousness that way. During the second one, the handyman even came in to fix the TV. Whatever.
moosie moosie 10 years
i think that i've only just recently become a lot more comfortable in my own skin, but if i had the choice to change my body, i would. everyone has insecurities.
sdsunshine2119 sdsunshine2119 10 years
I've not always been uncomfortable naked, but mostly I have. I realize now that I'm older that I should have appreciated my teenage and early 20s body more. I'm currently very unhappy w. my weight and don't like being seen naked... which is difficult when you are in a 3+ year-long relationship. I'm the heaviest I've ever been... I guess I can be grateful that I've maintained this "heavy" weight and not continued to climb.
MsWalton MsWalton 10 years
I have no problem flaunting all 166 pounds of me naked!! By that, I'm not saying that I will run outside naked for the neighborhood to see me, but I don't close my blinds either;)
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I said other b/c while I'm insecure I still don't mind being naked. I do prefer lights off b/c you can't see the flaws as well. I know my hubby doesn't care about my flaws, but I do and it makes me feel better when he can't see them.
Beth1122 Beth1122 10 years
I'm comfortable. It is such a relief when you can finally be comfortable with yourself.
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