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Dear Sugar and Wants This to Work Out Wendy need you help. This guy seemed really into her at first, but now she's not so sure. Should she take the plunge and visit him in Miami or just forget about this guy?

Dear Sugar,

I'm confused! I met a guy about a month ago while visiting Miami and we really hit it off. I live in Atlanta, so we began talking on the phone everyday, twice a day, for about three weeks. He has since slowed down on the phone calls with me, and I only hear from him about twice a week now. When he does call, he doesn't have much to say. I was going to schedule a trip to see him next month and he got all excited about it, but because of the way the conversations have been going, I'm not sure if he's interested in me anymore. Should I just forget about him or continue to take a chance and see where this could go?

—Wants This to Work Out Wendy


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