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Dear Sugar Needs Your Help: My Friends Want to Party and I'm Over it

Dear Sugar Needs Your Help: My Friends Want to Party and I'm Over it

Dear Sugar and Settled Down Donna need your help. She's married and all her girlfriends are single and ready to mingle. She doesn't want to feel like the outcast, but she's just over the party scene so what should she do?

Dear Sugar,

I have been happily married since last summer and we just moved into our dream house together. I love my calm and comfortable life with my husband, and when Friday night comes along, all I want to do is have a quiet night at home. The thing is, my girlfriends, whom I've known since high school, are still single and love to go out and meet guys. They constantly call me and try to persuade me to party with them, but I'm totally done with the whole loud, drunken bar scene.

I try to get them to come over to my house, or go out to a nice dinner together, but they're just not into it. I really don't blame them for wanting to live it up and have a good time, but they make me feel guilty for not going out with them "like we used to." They are constantly ragging on me for acting old and boring. I do miss hanging out with them, but they won't do what I want to do and I won't do what they want me to do so do you have any suggestions on how we can meet somewhere in the middle? I don't want to lose my friends just because I'm married. — Settled Down Donna


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