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DearSugar's Interview With Dr. Drew

The Doctor Is In: Love and Sex With Dr. Drew, Part I

I don't think I've ever shared with you my admiration for Dr. Drew Pinsky, but I've got to say, he's one of my favorite television personalities — and let's be honest, he's pretty sexy too! While he is a physician first, he's made his expertise available to the public via Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, and now Sober House. His approach to helping people is the perfect combination of compassion and tough love, and I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with him about his new project, Sex . . . With Mom and Dad, where Dr. Drew helps families in need of guidance when it comes to the "taboo topic of sex."

In this two-part interview, you'll get to hear his opinion on sex, addiction, relationships, and how the world of dating has changed over the years. Tune in tomorrow for part two.

Why is it so important to talk to kids about sex?

There are multiple reasons. One, it gives parents a chance to shape their behavior and to communicate their values. Number two is, it diminishes the secrecy in a family system, which is always a bad thing. And ultimately, my hope is it'll give parents a chance to help kids examine how deeply embedded sexuality is in their emotional lives, and I think most parents are kind of sensitive to that.

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Is it harder for you to talk to the kids or their parents about sex?

It's so different, it's pretty equal, they each have their own challenges. Sometimes it's the parents, when they're so rigid and resistant — I've got to say — sometimes it's the parents. Because the kids usually want to have the conversation, it's just awkward; they don't know how to initiate it, and we really help them break the ice.

What is the best piece of advice you received as a kid about sex?

I didn't receive any guidance or direction when I was a kid, and it was a very confusing time. After I became a physician, it became something I was attuned to. When I had an opportunity to do a radio show, the way I crafted the radio show was, I wished there was a place like that for me to go as a kid. Just having someplace to go with this is what I've always wanted to create for kids.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the rest of my interview with Dr. Drew!


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