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DearSugar Needs Your Help: Is Flirting When You're Married Wrong?

DearSugar Needs Your Help: Is Flirting When You're Married Wrong?

DearSugar and Flirty Flo need your help. She's happily married but loves to be social and flirt with other guys. Is there anything wrong with that?

Dear Sugar,

I'm happily married and the other night my husband and I went out with a group of people to celebrate our friend's birthday. I had a couple drinks and was having a blast on the dance floor. I ended up dancing with these guys and we all started flirting a little bit. I looked over at my husband and he was watching the whole thing with a smile on his face and he waved to me.

Part of me likes to flirt because it's fun, and part of me just likes to make sure that I've "still got it." It reminds me of my college days and makes me feel young. I'm so in love with my husband and would NEVER do anything to jeopardize the wonderful relationship we have. He doesn't seem to care when I dance with or talk to other guys, but I still feel a little guilty. I can almost feel the eyes of his friends on me whenever we go out as if they don't trust me. I have never betrayed my husband, he is the love of my life, but I have to say, I still love to flirt! Is there something wrong with doing a little harmless flirting when you're married?


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