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DearSugar Needs Your Help: He Cheated and Now She's Pregnant

DearSugar Needs Your Help: He Cheated and Now She's Pregnant

DearSugar and Bursting with a Secret Samantha need your help. She found out that her boyfriend's best guy friend cheated on his wife and got another woman pregnant. Should she tell the wife or stay hush-hush?

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend's best friend has been married for four years and has a three year old child. This sleaze-of-a-guy slept with a 20 year old (who also happened to be a client) and now she's pregnant. My boyfriend and I were under the impression that his friend was happily married, but I guess not.

His friend is freaking out and said he won't take this girl to a doctor for a pregnancy test because he doesn't want to declare paternity, yet he doesn't want her to consider an abortion either (I'm not kidding, this is what he said). Of course he also doesn't want to tell his wife, and doesn't think he'll have to. He thinks this girl should have the baby, he can just visit it when he wants, and still keep this fling on the side.

Part of me wants to tell his wife, but the other part of me is fighting the urge. I really couldn't live with myself if I didn't tell her but my boyfriend says that it's none of my business and it would put him in a bad spot for betraying his trust. I happen to think the wife deserves to know so what should I do?

—Bursting with a Secret Samantha


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