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DearSugar Needs Your Help: Should I Make a Move?

DearSugar and Crushing Casey need your help. She's fallen for her best guy friend but he's currently in a relationship with someone else. She expressed her feelings, but he didn't say much in return. What should she do? Pursue or let it be?

Dear Sugar,

I'm in love with a good friend of mine. I confessed my feelings to him recently and we talked it over. He's currently dating another girl, and I told him that it is what it is, and I just wanted to let him know how I felt so I wouldn't regret not saying anything at all somewhere down the line. He understands, but never exactly expressed how he felt.

We've been talking a lot lately, but more as friends than anything I think. I don't want to cross the line since he is seeing someone else, but it's getting harder and harder by the second — I just want to be with him! I've been keeping a certain distance, but I don't want him to think I'm not interested anymore. I don't know if I should keep waiting for him, but I can't imagine giving up on us. Should I date other people or hold out for hope? — Crushing Casey


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