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DearSugar and Don't Know What To Believe Bethany need your help. Her ex boyfriend has come back into her life and they want to get back together. They've both done a lot of growing up yet her friends don't think he's the one for her. They keep pushing her to look elsewhere but her heart is still with her ex so who should she trust: herself or her friends? Weigh in and tell her what you think.

Dear Sugar,

My first love recently came back into my life and confessed that he still has feelings for me. We broke up years ago and for good reasons; I was too young to be in a serious relationship and he had some trust and communication issues. Some time has passed and it sounds like he's committed to working through his issues. We didn't decide to get back together yet, but I know that there is strong love between us and I believe there is potential for something spectacular between us.

My friends are very worried and doubtful of him because he broke my heart in the past, and they keep reminding me that there are other "nice guys" out there. They point out all his flaws and tell me that I shouldn't give him any more chances. This whole situation has been incredibly hard as we go through a minefield of emotions, but I really think he's the one I want to settle down with. I know my friends are just looking out for me, but their lack of support is making me doubt myself. How do I know if I can trust my own feelings? My gut says go for it, but am I just being blinded by love? Are the outsiders looking in actually right?


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