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DearSugar Needs your Help: Is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

DearSugar and Defeated Daisy need your help. Do you have any advice you can offer up to help rebound from a disastrous year of loss and upset?

Dear Sugar,

The last year has been sadly filled with devastating events for me and several of my closest friends. I lost my father very suddenly and in the same year, three of my dearest friends also lost parents. On top of that, my best friend divorced after finding her husband of nine years had been unfaithful throughout their marriage. We're talking Olympic level tragedy which has meant that there has been no safe harbor for any of us as we tended to our own wounds and tried to keep our families together.

Having somehow survived the last year, I feel compelled to make changes in my life. I'm in my late 30's and single with no children, and not currently dating as I went through a deep depression after my father died and subsequently gained some weight. The depression has begun to lift but the weight has remained. I have a very good position at work and I own my own home. On the surface, it looks quite good and I am grateful for all of it but I now find myself wanting more. But I don't even know for sure what it is I want... just that I'm not happy where I am now.

How do I the begin to create the life I want? I keep listening for my inner voice but I think she's taking a nap. --Defeated Daisy


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