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Debate Rebate: Democratic Debate the Morning After

The congenial tone of last night's debate genuinely knocked my socks off. Thanks for tuning in with me! While I'm still undecided, there was one clear winner: the Democratic Party.

Here's the exchange that really got me thinking: the debate about Iraq. Now, I don't hold Hillary's tortured authorization vote against her, but I found Barack's stance completely compelling. During a monumentally difficult time he had the clarity of judgment to see the folly of starting an unprovoked war, and the leadership to publicly take an unpopular position. Last night he one upped Clinton's standard of "being ready on day one" to an even more important qualification, being right on day one.

Overall I thought Hillary had a wildly strong night. She was likable, knowledgeable, and turned troublesome subjects — like the Bush and Clinton dynasties — into light moments. But, did anyone else feel like Barack convinced them that good judgment is just as important as experience, if not more?

With only a few days before Super Tuesday, I need to make up my mind — fast! Anyone else out there undecided? Anyone want to persuade me one way or the other?

And if you want to read the GOP's playful response to the debate,


Republican National Committee issued its own set of mock Academy Awards. Included among them:

Actor in a Leading Role: Barack Obama, for his performance as Clinton's "friend" after snubbing her three days earlier.

Actress in a Leading Role: Hillary Clinton for her performance in reaching out her hand "in friendship and unity" for three days.

Writing (adaptation of a screenplay): Hillary Clinton for rewriting her record.

Director: John Edwards for dictating the first 15 minutes.

Cinematography: CNN for capturing Hollywood's love of the Democratic candidates.


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