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Debate Rebate: Democrats Debate Scandals of the Campaign

Well the debate got off to a hard-hitting start, discussing crucial issues facing America, including 1990s Bosnian sniper fire, Reverend Wright, and bitter-gate.

I found one of the early questions especially insightful. Moderator George Stephanopoulos, a former Bill Clinton adviser, asked Obama: "Do you think Reverend Wright loves America as much as you do?" I immediately had a "what is going on here ahhhhhh!!??" moment.

After moving on from topics such as whether Obama "believes in the American Flag," ABC decided to bring up some legitimate issues.

Both candidates seemed dedicated to perusing a responsible policy toward Iran and the Middle East, which emphasizes diplomacy, but does not rule out any option. As for taxes, both candidates embrace a pay as you go fiscal policy, and would roll back the tax breaks for the wealthy, without raising taxes for the middle class.

Overall, both candidates seemed exhausted. The early debate about the campaign seemed to keep Obama on the defensive, and eager to get back to the issues. Even though Obama was a bit off, I'm not sure Hillary snuck through the cracks enough to stop him.

Who did you think was stronger on the issues? On the politics? Can you see these two holding hands at the Democratic Convention this summer? Did the utterly irrelevant questions drive you guys crazy, too?!


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