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Now that they're all friends, (sooo over the race thing,) and on a first name basis, the Democrats were free to talk policy at last night's debate. While it seems like debates are supposed to help highlight each candidate's unique qualities, this slot machine came up cherry, cherry, cherry. All three support universal health care, ROTC/increased military recruitment, and energy independence — and all three oppose the war. Seems like a jackpot — unless you're undecided. Here are the highlights:

  • John Edwards: John seemed pretty passionate. He broke down his stance on Iraq, saying:
    “I will end combat missions. And while I'm president, there will be no permanent military bases in Iraq.”

Overall, Edwards was the most willing to point out differences. He says his plan to get troops out of Iraq is more aggressive and claimed to be the only candidate not to take money from special interests.

For the rest of the candidates,


  • Hillary Clinton: Hillary's asked Barack to co-sponsor a bill to stop George W. Bush. On the one hand it put Barack in a tight spot, while also reminding Democrats of their common enemy GWB. But, for some reason I feel like every time Hillary goes head to head with Barack on the war, she suffers a net loss. She brought up Bush again saying:
    "President Bush is over in the Gulf now begging the Saudis and others to drop the price of oil. How pathetic. We should have an energy policy right now, putting people to work in green-collar jobs as a way to stave off the recession, moving us towards energy independence."

  • Barack Obama: Barack offered some straight talk on his positions. His unifying personality and clear judgment are obviously his strengths. Last night he said:
    “The only way we’re going to move the country forward is if we can bring the country together."

    But, if Barack and Hillary are essentially in agreement on what we should do now in Iraq, Barack may have given away his trump card — opposing the war in Iraq from the start.

As a voter still weighing my options, I don't think my answer was in last night's debate. Do you think there was a big winner in Sin City?


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