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Debate Rebate: Republicans Sneaky Strategy in Boca Raton?

Q: What's served in Florida, starts early, and tastes a little bland?

A: No, silly, it's not the early-bird special. It's last night's Republican Debate!

After Monday's brawl of a Democratic knock-down, I was all set for the Republicans to shock us. If not a bold statement, then maybe a little shoving match. Come on! Throw us a bone! Though, maybe to the credit of the Republicans, adult behavior, decorum, and respect for the democratic process, reigned. The debate was measured, stayed far from personal attacks, and focused on the issues, perhaps to the detriment of uncovering new info. At least on the surface. The real story of last night was way under the radar.

With help from tiff58, and divinedebris, we sleuthed out anwers to the following: Was a special someone (or two?) running for vice president? Did someone replace Mike Huckabee with John Edwards? And what was the deal with the mysterious whisper during a Mitt Romney answer? To find out,


So the vice-presidential courting? There was definitely love between John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani went out of his way to agree with McCain by name during the economy section. And toward the end, McCain stopped the debate, acknowledged that it was out of the ordinary, and then went on to publicly praise Giuliani as an "American hero." Best pals! Then Huckabee threw a soft ball, gun-control question to Romney during the open-question round. Will we be seeing a McCain/Giuliani or a Romney/Huckabee pairing?

Now for John Edwards invading Huckabee: Since the topics last night stayed far from social issues, the conservative-evangelical side to Huck was mute. Instead, he was championing for the underdog, and recommending national work projects to stimulate the economy, like using American steel and concrete to add on to I-95.

And the mysterious Mitt whisperer? This baffles me. Check out this video where you can hear someone maybe feeding Mitt an answer. What do you make of it?

Did anyone win last night?

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