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Definition: Delegate

My mom's biggest goal in life is to serve as a delegate at the Republican National Convention. What does that mean exactly? A delegate is selected by the party to serve as the voters' representative, bringing the results of each state's primary balloting to the convention floor.

How many delegate votes does a candidate receive from the primary balloting? It depends on the party. The Democrats award a proportional amount — the percentage of votes a candidate receives in the state primary, they'll receive that ratio of delegate votes at the convention. The Republicans let each state decide whether to award a proportion of votes or let the winner of the primary election "take all." The first candidate to win a majority of the delegate votes secures the party's nomination. It gets better — please


Here's where it gets interesting: A delegate, unless stated otherwise, isn't necessarily bound, or "pledged," to award his or her vote to the candidate the voters chose. Roughly 20 percent of a state's delegates remain unbound or "unpledged" allowing for flexibility during the convention vote.

Though it happens less frequently in our current primary season (which now starts early enough to create a front-runner effect where wins in early primary states snowball into continuing wins ) multiple convention votes could be required for one candidate to achieve a majority. In that instance, those unpledged delegates can choose to switch candidates, allowing for a majority win, and some exciting times on the convention floor. Here's hopin' my mom makes it there someday soon!

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