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Will the Democrats Sweep Congress in November?

Democrats are licking their lips in anticipation of a big score this November, and I'm not talking about the White House. Election experts report that under the current circumstances, the Democrats will significantly increase their majority in Congress.

Record primary voter turnout, and epic fund raising, demonstrates Democratic momentum. In the House, 29 Republicans plan to retire, while only six Democrats are stepping down this year. The fact that so many senior Republicans are saying goodbye, signals a lack of confidence that their party will regain the majority. Plus, many of the Republican retirees come from swing districts, giving the Dems even better chances.

Many Democrats worry that the bitter battle between Obama and Clinton may make it difficult for the party to take advantage of low GOP approval ratings. But Mark Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos thinks there is a silver lining in the blue battle. He wrote in Newsweek: "The frenzied organizing around the country has proved a catalyst for dramatic party building in states that had been Democratically dormant."

Do you think the Democrats are going to give the Republicans an election spanking this November?

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