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Details Interview With Men Involved With Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Men Who Loved Russian Spy Anna Chapman Tell a Little

I'm still unclear what dusty, old secrets the Russian spies were fishing for when they were caught early this Summer. But what do I know about state secrets?

The story, or the captivating part, has always really been about femme fatale Anna Chapman who used her feminine wiles and our current, national crush on redheads to seduce information from men.

Her ex-husband leaked details of their imaginative sex life in July, but now Details magazine talked to the men who were involved with her.


Ex-Marine Bill Staniford was a definite target — his accountant was also busted in the ring — and was terrified of her at first. "She knocked me out. There was something about her — I think it might have been the red hair, or the way she walked, or her body. I was immediately like, My game's f*cked." While Dennis Hirdt, a friend of Chapman's, said she excelled at weaving flirtations into the most mundane acts. Whispering in loud places, putting a hand on the cheek, or ever so accidentally rubbing her lips against an earlobe.

Despite being duped, several men still have warm feelings toward her, and some still talk over email and IM. Nearly all share one belief: she may have faked it with others, but not with him.

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