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The Devil Wears Prada - Andy's Brown Bag

The Devil Wears Prada - Andy's Brown Bag

Dear Sugar
I just went to see the Devil Wears Prada and I have to know what Anne Hathaway's brown leather distressed handbag is. Please let me know if you can find it. Andy Admirer

To See DEARSUGAR'S Answer,

Dear Andy Admirer
Wow, looks like you aren't the only one who's interested in this item. The bag is made by La Rue and you can buy it on's specialty boutique website for the movie. Apparently there's already a waiting list - even for the knock off. Look at both ways that you can wear it.

"The clothes are expected to set off a frenzy of got-to-have shopping. has opened a Web boutique featuring reproductions of looks from the film. A copy of a distressed leather handbag carried by Hathaway sold out at $79.95 within hours. The site has a waiting list, and a new shipment is expected around Aug. 1."

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dreamsugar dreamsugar 10 years
If you sew:
dreamsugar dreamsugar 10 years
I have a pattern -- I'm so going to make one!
crazylady crazylady 10 years
I read the book after the cast was announced for the movie so I got to picture the cast as the characters as I read. The movie was cute and did a decent job of recapping but the book was soooo much better. Meryl was excellent but had way more heart than the boss in the book - I actually felt sorry for the boss in the movie and felt no sympathy for her while reading. But they totally missed the boat on the impact Andy's job had on her friends and family in the movie and didn't develop those characters at all.
sanD13 sanD13 11 years
i read the book and watched the movie and i liked the movie way more. i LOVED meryl streep's performance. she is awesome. DearSugar, can you just post an entry of all of Andy's outfits from the movie. They were all just so cute. I loved all of them.
randomthings randomthings 11 years
fyi my friend bought and returned the bag from Amazon...the size and color were not the same as the movie. Too bad, I too was going to get one! But the pleather does not equal the leather...I also have a hunch the real one maybe auctioned off for charity in NY by Pat Field's store but that is just me and my friend guessing.
sonnabobble sonnabobble 11 years
I also liked the book better, but the movie was still cute. The waiting list for amazon is pushed back to sept. now. I am on the aug. wating list, but I'm having 2nd thoughts after reading amazon reviews. Does anyone have this bag? Does it look super fake? It's also going on ebay for around the same price....or they have the 'real' leather Pat. Field version, but it's going for $150-$200.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
i personally preferred Meryl's accessories way more...sans the fur coats. UGH
larceny-winters larceny-winters 11 years
You can buy this bag on the Devil Wear Prada sale on ebay. There is 5 there that are for sale -
ann_fancy ann_fancy 11 years
AAAAAAAH HALLEJULAH! lacoste, I've finally found someone who prefered the book! I so don't feel like seing that movie, i've read the book and I don't feel like breaking all my vision of it.
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Jinx - My understanding is that Ugly Betty is spun out of a long running Mexican sitcom.
lacoste1 lacoste1 11 years
I saw the movie this past weekend and I have to admit I was a little disappointed in it...I read the book though a long time ago and so I'm biased. ;) They left out some of the best parts! I loved the outfits though.
Jinx Jinx 11 years
Anyone seen the previews for the televisionj show Ugly Betty? Is it an admitted rip off or associated with the Devil Wears Prada, anyone know?
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
I love this purse. I'm going to be added to the waiting list now. It's going to look so hot this fall.
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