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Diablo Cody Talks About Megan Fox, Feminist Filmmaking, Sweet Valley High, and Jennifer's Body

Diablo Cody Gets Sincere About Women in Hollywood

Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody sat down with fans in San Francisco for a Q and A this past weekend to discuss the season finale of United States of Tara, her just-finished screenplay for Sweet Valley High, and her film Jennifer's Body. The plan was to watch the "much misunderstood" Jennifer's Body in a "neo-sincere" environment and then discuss. (In case you're wondering, a neo-sincere person is post ironic; someone who knows she can make fun of something, but doesn't need to.) The Juno writer, who is very pregnant herself, had much to say about women and feminism in Hollywood. I happened to attend, so here's some insight I picked up.

On how United States of Tara represents a theme found in all her work: "I feel like everything I've done has dealt with exactly the same thing – about being a female, but not being able to decide what type of female you want to be. I feel like I'm in conflict, personally."

On Sweet Valley High: "It's another f*cking moving about the Madonna and the Whore running around wreaking havoc."


On Megan Fox: "People really hate Megan. She's a really nice girl. She's just outspoken."

On a Hollywood double standard: "Women aren't allowed to be anti-heroes or flawed. Megan got lambasted for talking about Michael Bay. Shia LaBeouf criticized another director, and he got called 'refreshing' and 'honest,' while Megan is a bimbo who should never work again. Women aren't allowed to be as complicated as men."

Find out what Diablo thinks about feminist filmmakers, as well as her thoughts on today's youth after the jump.

On being a feminist filmmaker: "If anything we're less post-gender than 10 years ago. The Kathryn Bigelow thing was awesome, but it's difficult to be a feminist filmmaker. No one wants you pressing your feminist agenda on nice clean celluloid. It doesn't sell."

On how she depicts youth: "People say 'teenage girls aren't so clever. Your characters should be less articulate to reflect our youth.' People who say that aren't spending time with teenagers."

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