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Did John Edwards Endorse His Way to Vice President?

Yesterday, son-of-a-mill-worker John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama, ending months of silence and rebuffing former rival Hillary Clinton.

The announcement was made in Michigan, a state that acutely experiences America's economic slowdown, and has felt scorn by the Democratic Party this primary season. Perhaps the announcement had more than geographical strategic significance — could this be the first dual appearance made by the reincarnation of the "dream ticket?" Will John Edwards take a second crack at becoming the nation's number two leader?

John Edwards, whose own campaign appealed directly to white, blue-collar voters, received seven percent of the vote in West Virginia, where Obama struggled to keep his momentum. Not, bad for a man not even running. Obama has trouble with the group that embraces Edwards.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is talking Democratic unity. On CNN yesterday, she said that it would be a "terrible mistake" for her supporters to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama. But, does Obama need her on the ticket in order to get her supporters to vote at all?

The New York Times reported that although Edwards denied holding out for an administration position before he endorsed, he told them privately that he would consider the role of vice president, and favored the position of attorney general.

While John Edwards didn't even make Huffington Post's Obama VP frontrunner list, this ticket does seem plausible.

Will Obama tap Edwards?


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UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I think Obama/Edwards would be a good ticket. I don't know that I'd pick Edwards myeself. He didn't do any good for Kerry ;)
serial serial 9 years
I'm not quite sure Obama would pick Edwards as his VP. On a purely superficial level, the two look "good" together, and both are young and idealistic figures out to change Washington politics. On a practical level, Edwards gives an Obama ticket credibility with the downscale white vote that he seems to have trouble attracting. But the trade off to Edwards shoring up Obama on the domestic side is Obama could have instead picked someone with foreign relations credibility. We can debate which issue will be more important this election cycle -- foreign relations or the economy. All polls point to the economy being the top issue on the minds of voters this year, and the lagging economy is likely hurting the working class most, precisely the demographic Edwards is able to appeal to most. While the economy isn't exactly one of McCain's strengths, Obama will have a tough fight with McCain for the conservative/independent working class vote. McCain's perceived strong suit is foreign relations experience, and he's obviously going to highlight Obama's relative inexperience there. A retired general (Gen. Wesley Clark?) or a Senator with foreign policy creds might help here. And November is an electoral game and I'm not sure Edwards has that much clout to help Obama then. Edwards, who was no. 2 in 2004, couldn't even deliver his home state of North Carolina into the blue column, which combined with one or two other states would have put Kerry/Edwards over the top. A governor with a well-oiled political network in his/her home state could deliver a battleground to the Democrats (think Ed Rendell (PA), Kathleen Sebelius (KS), or Tim Kaine (VA)).
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
Like my boyfriend said, Edwards wanted to be vice president, so he waited until towards the end to attach himself to the guaranteed winner. It's pretty lame because both candidates kept the same campaigns, so there are no excuses for Edwards waiting three months. Edwards' move was pretty sad.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
What does that statement even mean?
kaydee1960 kaydee1960 9 years
I don't think Muslims get along with Communist.
Sexymixer Sexymixer 9 years
I hope and pray this is the next Dem ticket!!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I think John Edwards could be a good VP for Obama, he seems experienced and capable. I was so happy when I heard that he was endorsing Obama!
kh61582 kh61582 9 years
I don't know about any administration deals. It's entirely possible however I think it's something much sleazier. I'm from North Carolina and John Edwards was a crappy Senator. He had the lowest approval rating of any Senator in the decade that he represented us, which is why I really don't understand that "dream ticket" BS. I figure he held out on his endorsement because he was waiting to see who won North Carolina so he could pull his "Man of the People" crap on us again. Go get another $500 haircut you whimp!
janneth janneth 9 years
Yes, I suppose Chelsea would be ok for VP. Not a lot of experience though...
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
Edwards is a good choice for Obama. I think he'd help get him some votes from the people that couldn't decide between Hillary or Obama.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
Edwards just has his eyes on Free Jet Skis!
nicachica nicachica 9 years
omg, i'd LOVE to see it be two minorities or one male/one female. how bad*ss would it be to get a black or hispanic or even Asian female??? whoa...i think i just blew my mind...
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
I'm planning on getting behind him if necessary. I will however be pouting and generally unpleasant for at least a month.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
I have a serious emoticon deficiency today. I need a bloody mary. That'll even me out.
nicachica nicachica 9 years
yeah HF, i totally dig what you're saying. We are definitely polarized now but i'm hopeful that when it comes down to it, we can all coalesce behind one candidate. Do you think you will get behind Obama or are you considering otherwise?
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
I know! Heaven forbid there isn't at least one old white man on the ticket. :OY:
nicachica nicachica 9 years
And actually, i wouldn't totally like the idea of a "Hillary substitute" because it would look like they're just trying to replace one white woman with another (but without the blemishes or partisan attacks of the real Hillary!). I'm betting that it will be an older white male, like Wesley Clark. As much as i'd like to see a truly historic ticket with two underrepresented groups, I doubt the country could deal with TOO much change... :oy:
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
Nica...I don't necessarily think it's the best match, but the democratic party is so polarized right now that sometimes I think the only way to unite the party is having them on the same ticket.
nicachica nicachica 9 years
HF, i think Hillary already has a Senate Majority Leader post waiting for her or a Cabinet post come November, but not VP. She may have the experience needed but unfortunately, there's too many people who would be willing to vote for Obama but not Hillary and that could significantly shift the election. I also think there's too much bad blood b/w the two campaigns for it to be a joint ticket. And it doesn't really fit in with Obama's "Change" message (even if not too much WILL end up changing...). I think Hillary would have been an excellent president (or VP) but its just not in the cards.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
If you need a substitute, why not go for the real thing.
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
Hillary substitute? What is that? Hillary-Helper? Hillary-by-product?
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
You picked up on it Rac! Even without the winking smiley. Kate's happy today...I'm glad you like her!
nicachica nicachica 9 years
hmmm...Jane Harmon. I don't know about her...tell me more!
nicachica nicachica 9 years
As much as i love Obama, the cynic in me knows that Washington will NOT change with one president. Hey, stranger things have happened but the Washington Political Machine that i know will never surrender just because Mr. Smith came to Washington. Obama needs a Washington insider to help him navigate the murky waters of DC politics. It's scary over here sometimes!
stephley stephley 9 years
Nica, a Hillary substitute seems a good idea especially if the race comes any closer and ends in serious anger between sides. (Hopefully not.) But I think she would need the foreign policy experience to strengthen the ticket. Someone like Congresswoman Jane Harmon might work because she could help bring in California and is ranking member on the House Intelligence Cmte. Personally I don't like her, but she or someone like her might sooth conservative dems.
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