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"I Haven't Heard From Him — Should I Leave It Alone?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I've been talking to a guy for about three months now. At first I wasn't looking for anything, I just wanted to go on a few dates with the guy. Sex was involved, but I inserted in my mind that I could not get attached because he had just got out of a long-term relationship as well. He is the second guy I've slept with ever and having sex just like that is something I never thought I was capable of but felt comfortable doing it with him. So after an amazing night, he was such a gentlemen and swooped me off my feet and then yes, we had sex.

The problem is, after this night I couldn't help but to fall for him. I guess I'm not capable of this friends with benefits ordeal. Now that I have let down my guard, the worst happened: He completely cut me off and now I'm crushed. Unless he is a great actor, it's safe to say he enjoyed that night as well. But now I'm crushed. He hasn't texted me in over 10 days and ignored me when I texted him yesterday morning. I have a billion thoughts going through my head as to where I went wrong other than having sex too soon. I know I have to move on but should I send him one last text to tell him how I feel or just leave it alone?

Have a dilemma of your own? Post it anonymously to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the TrèsSugar Community.

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