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Disney No Longer Making Princess Movies

Disney Shelves Fairy Tale Movies — Good News For Girls?

Based on the interest in Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement last week, I'd say royalty is having a moment. But Disney, the peddler of princess dreams, thinks fairy tale movies are no longer relevant and it's shelving them for the foreseeable future. Explaining that films and genres run their course, Disney's animation group has killed two fairy tale movies in development and says Tangled will be its last.

It's no longer financially feasible for studios to market some movies to girls and some movies to boys, which is bad news for narrow gender roles. The hope of appealing to a larger audience motivated Disney to give Tangled a gender-neutral name and we can expect more movies like Toy Story, which will have broad themes that appeal to boys or girls (and men or women) alike. But a shift in what little girls want might have prompted the decision, too. The LA Times explains:

Among girls, princesses and the romanticized ideal they represent — revolving around finding the man of your dreams — have a limited shelf life. With the advent of "tween" TV, the tiara-wearing ideal of femininity has been supplanted by new adolescent role models such as the Disney Channel's Selena Gomez and Nickelodeon's Miranda Cosgrove.

Before you rejoice about today's enlightened children, note that princesses might be too innocent for savvy tweens. One expert on media and children's values says that by the time they're 5 or 6, girls are "interested in being hot, in being cool."

Update: According to a Disney's Facebook page, fairy tales are alive and well at the studio.

Maylin2469910 Maylin2469910 5 years
So Disney won't make any Princess movies which always gives them millions of dollars back and keep their audience wanting more, but they'll make crap like G-Force, Prom, and Old Dogs. Great decision Disney. Great decision.
tappingflamingo tappingflamingo 5 years
This is really stupid. Apparently these people don't go to Disney where there are quite a few little girls running around in their princess dresses. I work with youth girls, and they LOVED Tangled! It is sad that they are doing away with these type fun movies. I feel a lot of the movies that are coming out gearing toward little girls, are bad for moral standards. Young girls should not be wanting to be "hot." Very inappropriate!
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
I took my 2 year old, 3 in december, to see Tangled. We really liked it, and she isn't in any way weak or obsessed with frilly things and tiara's. I think it sillly when people over analyze things - kids don't do that. I would much rather have fairy tales and pixarish type movies for kiddos then anything geared towards being hot or cool, popular or famous, etc.
Blackwood Blackwood 6 years
I'm sorry, but the last line made me laugh... isn't being "hot" the exact opposite of being "cool"? It sounds strangely funny when taken in a literal sense. I doubt fairy tales will ever grow old... some girls like me still long to be an actual mermaid and wearing a huge dress with a diamond tiara :)
cs cs 6 years
Completely agree with Stephley.
Lorena3089 Lorena3089 6 years
I am charmed with Disney! The only one problem that you have is the background machist and sexually of his movies! I saw all my infancy Disney's movies and I adore them!
beauty-and-brains beauty-and-brains 6 years
I wish they wouldn't do away with Disney princess movies entirely. I am a huge fan of Disney princesses! And, trying to appeal to both boys and girls in movies seems difficult considering that our culture at large still has gender stereotypes that are being subtly presented to boys and girls even now. The new tween stars on t.v. are no better role models...look at how far Miley Cyrus has gone, dressing scantily while underage and having younger girls look up to her. Maybe it's not a matter of the characters in shows or movies, but more of a matter of the values girls are shown and modeled when they are young. Girls need more real life role models!
nikkisoda nikkisoda 6 years
Lvpierson comparing Disney to Hooters is a bit off.
Lvpierson Lvpierson 6 years
It's about time! Why keep promoting the idea that girls are princesses, I mean get real already.....I wouldn't mind if it were equal but it is we even have one movie where a boy is a prince and he is treated the same? I think all genres are okay as long as they are equal, this type of movie just keeps the dumb male/female differences going and is not a positive thing for women in general....I mean are you pro Hooters also? Just another gender difference I wish would disappear...
stephley stephley 6 years
There have been adolescent role models like the Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove for decades - they have little to do with princess fantasies. When you look at dating rules these days, or the huge wedding trends, the notion that women are shaking off princess ideals for something more reality based tends to fall apart.
katialoves katialoves 6 years
i agree with natalie. i actually didnt think of aladdin as a princess movie but enjoyed jasmine and her tiger.
bsglrok132 bsglrok132 6 years
I'm 21 and I like princess movies and also want to be hot and cool. Haha. I find it hard to believe that princess movies no longer have an audience.
Natalie-Love Natalie-Love 6 years
I loved Aladin's Jasmine when I was little because I thought she had a really cute tiger, I kid you not, I was so jealous when she was petting it. I wasn't thinking "Wow, what a patriarchal society!" And The Little Mermaid maid me wish I lived in some underwater kingdom with fish. Not about deciding to change my body for a boy. And to be honest, I always though toy story was really boring... Just saying, little girls don't look into these movies as deeply as us adults do.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 6 years
There are always the original fairy tales (in books). Disney did NOT create the majority of the princess stories. Disney adapted them from old time fairy tales, including the new "Tangled" based on "Rapunzel." My first experience with princess stories was reading the original stories. Incidentally, in my opinion, Disney adaptations are awful. The original stories were better. They were darker, and communicated a better message.
nikkisoda nikkisoda 6 years
At ages 5 and 6 their more interested in being hot or cool!??!!? My daughter is about to turn 5, if suddenly she is more interested in being hot and cool someone please take her away from me. Because clearly I would not be doing my job correctly.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Another one that I can't answer! My three-year-old daughter LOVES princesses. She acts out the stories. She asks me to make up new stories with the "Disney princess friends." She tries her hardest to draw pictures of them, sings songs about them, and so on. Now, I do not like the princess archetype of a helpless damsel needing to be rescued. But anything that piques a kid's curiosity like that can't be all bad! If the alternative to princesses is something like Toy Story that can appeal to all kids, awesome! But the focus on a grown-up appearance and sexuality that seems to appeal to elementary school aged children (tweens, whatever, they're KIDS) is scary, and is going to mean I'll have lots of parenting work to do.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Some of my favorite childhood movies are the princess movies! I don't see why they can't just make stronger princesses. ;)
stephley stephley 6 years
Don't worry ilanac, your girls will find them - little girls can sniff out princesses (and all their accompanying accessories) from birth!
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
that actually makes me sad -because i have twin girls and i was looking forward to being able to take them to see fairy tale movies. at least we'll still have the DVDs of the ones that i grew up on but i think that there's something to be said about having things that are relevant for the different genders. oh well. i'm sure that we'll see something come of it.
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