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Divorce Ring Trend

Would You Wear a Divorce Ring?

We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Yahoo! Shine:

We've heard of women transforming their engagement rings into new pieces of jewelry after a divorce, or even celebrating their newly single status with divorce parties, but the latest craze is women buying symbolic divorce rings.

Bride Finds has brought our attention to the 18K gold Spritzer and Furman "Divorce Ring" set with four full-cut diamonds and center trillon diamond. It can be yours for $3,200.

We get that this is supposed to be an empowering thing, and maybe some women will be so excited and relieved to be free from their exes they'll be psyched to have a piece of jewelry representing their split. But on the other hand, wearing a ring of a broken heart split by a diamond bolt might look a little nuts. Like now when an eligible bachelor checks your ring finger to see if you're married, he'll see this design symbolizing your dead marriage. Hmm.


Would you wear a divorce ring?

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