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Dixie Carter's Best Lines as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women

RIP Dixie Carter: The Best of Southern Spitfire Julia Sugarbaker

Actress Dixie Carter, who passed away this weekend at the age of 70, was best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women — a refined Southern woman and liberal intellectual who contrasted her beauty-pageant winning sister Suzanne. While real-life Dixie Carter was a registered Republican who disagreed with many of the character's more progressive views, you would never know it by her delivery. Here are some of Julia Sugarbaker's best lines.

  • "I find you rude, lazy, horny and dumb." After being asked to decorate the homes of a man's wife and mistress Julia tells off the mistress. Check it out in the above video.
  • "And it doesn't matter whether the clothes are on or off . . . it's just the same ol' message. And I don't care how many pictures you've taken of movie stars — when you start snapping photos of serious, successful businessmen like Donald Trump and Lee Iacocca in unzipped jumpsuits with wet lips, straddling chairs, then we'll talk." So are Julia's words to a photographer attempting to have her put a string of pearls in her mouth.
  • "It has been the men who have done the law making and the money making and most of the mischief making. So if the world isn't quite what you had in mind, you have only yourselves to thank." Julia divulges her thoughts on the male sex, to which a man in her presence responds: "Let me tell you something about women . . . They're always late."
  • "Have you all just COMPLETELY lost your minds?"

What's your favorite Dixie Carter moment?

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