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Do Celebrity Breakups Bum You Out?

Yesterday's news that Courteney Cox and David Arquette had separated after 15 years together came as a surprise. Just last week in their PSA against domestic violence they seemed like a happy, albeit slightly out there, couple. Courteney and David say they'll try to make things work, but David's TMI appearance on Howard Stern this morning might set things back.

Looking back, Courteney has been honest about their marital problems, admitting that they've had the same arguments for years and have sought couples therapy. In fact, she once said she brings her friend Laura Dern — whose husband Ben Harper just filed for divorce last weekendwith her to therapy. Hopefully the two friends can support each other now.

If all that breakup news wasn't enough, this morning the story spread that Christina Aguilera is splitting from husband Jordan Bratman.

When seemingly stable couples like Courteney and David can't make it, what hope is there for us? The good news is that the divorce rate is actually dropping for college grads who marry after 26. But despite any bearing this has to our actual lives, do celebrity breakups make you sad?

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