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A Do or a Don't: Solo Vacation

A Do or a Don't: Solo Vacation

I like alone time, but the idea of going on a vacation by myself, even for a weekend, kind of scares me. So when a friend recently told me that she was planning a solo trip to France, I thought she was kidding. Imagining someone traveling alone just for the sake of being alone seemed incomprehensible. As soon as she got back, I demanded to know every last detail of her adventure.

I won’t lie; I thought she would say that I was right, taking a trip without company is no fun at all. But instead, she loved it! She was on her own schedule, had plenty of time for introspection, and met some amazing people along the way. I’m not a convert of the solo vaca (yet), but are you? Does the notion strike you as eye-opening or just plain terrible? Or, are there any of you who have already done it?


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