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Do, Dump, or Marry? Ryan Phillippe

I'm not usually fond of guys this pretty, and his alleged affair while he was with America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon impedes my attraction, but for many, MacGruber star Ryan Phillippe is a hottie. Is he do, dump, or marry material?

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hanniebananz hanniebananz 8 years
dumpity dump. aside from the whole reese thing, he's just not attractive to me any more ever since he started bulking up. i would've done him if he was still skinny like he was in cruel intentions.
a-million-suns a-million-suns 8 years
I agree with pharm_chick and Fit.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 8 years
dump. i have never been into him.
Incubuslvr14 Incubuslvr14 8 years
do then dump ;)
Ac2366 Ac2366 8 years
Dump. I'm just not interested in him attractive or not.
Fitness Fitness 8 years
I agree with you pharm_chick!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i loved him back when he was with reese. now, hes very eh. now jake g on the other hand, yum!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
Him and Jude Law are the same person to me honestly. Used to be so hot and now just eh. Plus he cheated on Reese. I mean, who does that?!
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 8 years
He's so hot. Wouldn't marry him but definitely do.
cvfabmama cvfabmama 8 years
Umm maybe I am a little off base but I would totally do Ryan. Hes a hottie and a half period. I would def not marry but the quick hook up I would be all about that.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
He's "never-date-him" material.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
DUMP - he's a tool.
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