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Do Las Vegas Bouncers Make More Than Our President?

Q: What does a Las Vegas bouncer have in common with Mike Huckabee?
A: An extreme distaste for the IRS and Paris Hilton's number on speed dial.

Okay, maybe not that last one, but the suspected tax-evading bouncers at the Vegas nightclub Pure might be in favor of ol' Mike Huckabee after the IRS raided the club this week, confiscating computers. The cash-based industry attracts the attention of the very department Huckabee wants to abolish. It's rumored that good bouncers are clearing half a million dollars a year.

Not a bad paycheck considering our Commander in Chief only makes $400,000. Maybe we'll see Bush checking IDs at a door sometime soon . . .


amers230 amers230 9 years
Ok I'm not bashing anyone but it always bothers me a little when people say things like the President "only makes" 400,000$ a year. Yeah they could be making a ton more money in the private sector but the President doesn't have to pay for housing, transport, food, etc. (even though I know they all maintain private residences and such.) So with all the "perks" (for lack of a better word) their salary is much, much mroe than 400,000 grand a year. That being said, can anyone picture Bush as a bouncer????!!! That image is totally gonna be making me crack up for the rest of the night lmao.
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