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Do Tell: Do You Consider Yourself to Be Dramatic?

Life is filled with ups and downs, but do you ever feel like certain people are just constantly surrounded by drama? They're either involved in unnecessary theatrics or they have continuous bad luck. And while I understand that a small dose of occasional drama can be somewhat entertaining, I'd rather avoid it if at all possible. Taking the fact that we all have our moments into consideration, tell me, do you commonly find yourself in the throws of all the excitement (yours or someone else's), or do you shy away from it all?


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Silverlining10 Silverlining10 8 years
When I'm angry, I put a dramatic spin to my story, so it sounds worse than it was. Just because it really upset me. Other times, when something bad happens, I might gesture wildly with my hands, make crude comments, and raise my voice to add some entertainment to my story. We all get a good laugh at it, so it's not a mood killer. Sometimes, when I'm angry, getting really dramatic lightens the mood because in the middle of my production, I might start cracking up. I have to admit, though, I can get riled easily. I get annoyed easily, and I love to turn that into some hilarious story. As for girls that bring drama, such as gossiping, rumors and general immaturity...NO WAY. I've been done with that since middle school.
BedBugs BedBugs 8 years
I'm not a very dramatic person. It's definitely weird when I find myself caught up in some sort of drama, because it doesn't usually happen to me. I definitely enjoy life more without the issues that being dramatic can cause (although drama definitely gives you something to talk about!). I have my moments but for the most part I try to stay away.
heidi-girl heidi-girl 8 years
i think i did a good job of leaving it all in HS, occasionally there is some drama, but i think it all depends on how you react to the situation.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
drama is not my thing! While I do have some pretty dramatic friends, I don't think I am so dramatic. I do get a little hyped up while venting or something but not dramatic
valancyjane valancyjane 8 years
Erm, I have seen this twice on this site, so I have to correct it: **throes** of excitement. Anyway. I had a period of high drama in my early 20s -- post-college, pre-meeting the husband. A series of weird relationships, an unhealthy work environment, low self-esteem that led to bizarre behavior, and some bad financial choices. It was like My So-Called Life meets Prozac Nation, only not nearly as entertaining. Thankfully I am past that and I am pretty boring now, though I do have my moments of being a ham or being dramatic just for fun ("I mean, he took my stapler, and I was like, Omigod, how can I get anything done today, just kill me now!!") when I'm with people who get my humor.
graylen graylen 8 years
I'm not necessarily dramatic, but I do exaggerate a lot. All the time drama is not my thing, though!
lily8206 lily8206 8 years
I think drama stems for people over-reacting, which unfortunately happens all the time. It annoys me to no end when someone makes a huge deal out of nothing. I try to stay away from dramatic people the best that I can!
pippins_halfling pippins_halfling 8 years
Ugh, my roommate last year was the most dramatic person ever, and it was so tiring.
ajennilynrushhh ajennilynrushhh 8 years
i'm not dramatic, but i am surrounded by some people who are dramatic. i've been surrounded by drama for awhile and it's verrrry annoying.
luckyme luckyme 8 years
Nope, not dramatic. Even though it can be unavoidable at times, I loathe having drama in my life.
Frenched Frenched 8 years
I know some pretty dramatic people, particularly girls. They just can't help feeling offended by everything and by everyone and I think that somehow, they bring all this negative energy onto themselves. I'm no angel but I try to keep drama to a minimum 'cause I despise it.
Fallen85 Fallen85 8 years
I dont like drama. Generally if I meet someone who brings drama my way I cut them out like moldy cheese but honestly, one of my best friends is one of those people who has constant bad luck. It gets tiring hearing about the new awful thing in her life but she does a really good job of keeping light hearted about it instead of just dragging everyone down around her. On the other hand, my boyfriend's friends' girlfriends are ALL drama ALL the time and I hate them for it. Now, because I'm nothing like them, they are spreading rumours about me and talking behind my back so now I dont go anywhere near any of them... which sucks cuz it means my boyfriend doesnt spend as much time with his buddies... he chose me over them :)
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 8 years
I HATE drama and pride myself in being drama free!
xvw416 xvw416 8 years
i do my best to avoid conflict . . . therefore minimizing my drama.
Red315 Red315 8 years
I actually had this exact conversation with my best friend on monday. Being that we are only 20 sure everything and everyone seems so dramatic, but it doesn't have to be! I think its so amateur and high school-like... I was a self-proclaimed bitch growing up, but then you do that. You grow up. I think now more than ever I stay as far away from drama as possible. After being close friends with someone recently whose sole purpose in life was to stir up drama... I just cringe when I feel like I caused problems. I think I just have started to distance myself from those people and any type of drmatic situtations because they just aren't worth it!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
unless it involoves me I try to stay away. I listen if someone wants to tell me something though! But I try not to repeat it or anything :P
bbkf bbkf 8 years
I'm probably the least dramatic person ever. My boss has nicknamed me "Sparky" in an attempt at irony.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Generally, I shy away from that. I prefer to be calm and poised. However, like many people, I have intense emotions. Sometimes, my emotions do get the best of me. I don't like it when that happens.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 8 years
I do not like it. And people who are overdramatic about their drama are worse.
Leene Leene 8 years
But I feel very strongly about everything. It really is ups and downs, my life. I have to admit, it's better that way - I really feel I'm alive. I would hate to feel numb all the time. I try not to gossip, that only creates additional drama.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
I try to keep the drama to a minimum, but sometimes I just can't help it! :)
mondaymoos mondaymoos 8 years
lol. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who has persistant bad luck. I try to keep my drama fairly entertaining for others by putting a humorous spin on it, though. And admittedly, at work, I do gossip.
tcd4ever tcd4ever 8 years
Yes, I know I am dramatic. I caer about every little thing that goes on. I LOVE TO GOSSIP.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 8 years
NO!!!!!! I DESPISE DRAMA!!!!!!!!
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