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Do Tell: Have You Ever Been Caught Naked?

I feel totally comfortable being naked. I walk around my apartment naked while I'm getting ready to go out, and I have no problem being nude in a changing room, but I would, however, have a problem if someone were to unexpectedly catch me in the buff. So ladies, do tell: Have you ever been caught in the nude by your boyfriend's dad, the mail man, or even your little brother?

— Additional reporting by Alexis Nordby

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samwii789 samwii789 5 years
slontes slontes 5 years
Yes, by my niece when she and her sis stayed over at my place for their holidays. My two nieces were 16 and 12 and they were visiting from overseas. Also as it was the first time they were traveling on their own, I wanted to make sure they stayed with me the first few days while getting to know the city and before they went interstate. They are both gorgeous, lively and curious girls which is always a problem combination. As I live in my own apartment I don't like sleeping with anything on but have a blanket or in summer a sheet and tend to walk around naked. I also like to exercise and keep fairly toned. The walking around naked bit changed when they were there but because they were sharing a separate bedroom from me, I didn't think I had to change my sleeping pattern as long as my door closed and a pair of shorts and a tee nearby on the floor in case of an emergency. Really naive. Two things that didnt help it was summer, warm inside, and they were struggling with the timezone difference. The 16yo when she did a tour of the apartment (and come into my room at other times) noticed my tshirt and shorts by the bed and asked me curiously why I didnt keep them with my other clothes and always left them on the floor. I don't lie very well and murmered some excuse about being messy. It was also difficult when she saw me in the morning in my tee and shorts I noticed but ignored that she looked down at my shorts more than once knowing my morning wood would be evident (even if they were loose shorts). Couple of days later very early in the morning I woke up with a start to see my niece in her nightie standing in the doorway staring at my now uncovered (after tossing and turning) penis. I'm about 6.5' but also decent in width, and it was fully erect as it is at that time of day. Hastily pulling the sheet back over me and my heart beating fast I asked her if anything was wrong. She said she wanted to turn the AC off in her room and didnt know how. I said I'd come over to turn it off and asked her to leave. After i got into my shorts figuring the tee was now completely pointless i went into her room and turned it off. I then asked her (her sister was asleep) to come back with me. She was quiet and when we got to my room I started angrily dont you know to knock before you enter other people's rooms? She apologised and then her voice trembling said, i knew you were sleeping naked and i just wanted to see what it looks like in real life (she had seen pics on the internet/movies) and was curious.
Jt19xxz Jt19xxz 5 years
Yeah once by my moms friend big chest hot ass anyway I was getting out of the shower when I realized that I forgot my clothes and towel in my room so I ran across the hall way ( no one was supposed to be home ) my moms friend came around the corner naked looking for a shower and I ran into her and I fell on top of her my face landed in her boobs and I yelled and stood up and said I was sorry she looked me up and down and smiled and said its ok she walked over to me starring at my now hard penis ( which was about 7 inches ) and licked her lips I started to walk away to my room and she followed me and sat down on my bed I picked up my clothes and she stopped me she told me to sit down next to her so I did she started talking to me then she grabbed my penis and asked me if I had ever had sex before I told her no ( I'm a 17 year old boy ) she said then this is your lucky day and we started to have sex when we were done she walked to the shower and took a shower and she got out dried off then we made out and she told me in these exact words see you next week and left
jordantc17 jordantc17 5 years
well today i just got out of the shower and my dad called me on the phone cause i was home alone and told me to walk the dog well im 12 and very forgetful so i grabbed my dog and walked to my front yard naked no one saw me and i was there for and hour and a half but some cars that passed i think noticed me i dint notice tell i went inside and my face turned red thinking how many people saw how small my dick was
jordantc17 jordantc17 5 years
yeah twice it was horrible first was 2 years ago i was home in my pj pants with my family in the living room and i was walking in the living room and then my brother fell and pulled my pants down i wasn't wearing under wear and i fell and knocked out cause my head hit a metal bar then when i woke up i was outside by the bus stop naked i ran back home the door was locked and my school bus stop was right infront of my house so all my friends could see me naked they were taking pictures and i was trying to cover my dick which was a bit small back then my brother and parents came to the door and said they would let me in if started wearing under wear i said no but then my crush was coming i begged them but i soon agreed to them and the second time was last year and the worst i was with my family at my beach house in Florida for the summer they said they were gonna leave for 2 hours so when they left i ran to the beach naked in the back of the house i swam bilt sand castlle suntanned and danced naked on the beach but time pased fast i was there for 3 hours actully and my parents and brother were asleep i went to the back door and it was locked and my clothes were inside so i slept on the beach naked for the rest of the night but when i woke up there was my brother and my crush staring at me i covered imidiatly before i noticed my brother was holding a camera right before i got up to go inside they ran in and locked the door i was tuck on the beach naked for a few more hours but my dad brought all his friends and my family for a barbicue in the back so i went in the water and swam there tell my dad called me and he told me to come now so cover i went up to him and everyone was luaghing and he told why i was naked and i told him i didcided to swim naked he was mad for me being naked infront of his friends so they left leaving me naked locked outside for a few days while passing me food through the window i was getting bored in i tried to go around the house and back in so i walk around but there was my crush standing and before i ran she took of her clothes and took me for a swim she told my dad gave her the keys and told her mess with me tell i agreed not to run around naked without telling them she later let me in and then kissed me on the cheek and ran i giggled cause she forgot her clothes and i locked her out and this year i've bin caught a couple more times by my friend i really need to wear more clothes when there's people near by
XmissXsecretX XmissXsecretX 5 years
Im 16 and ive been caught naked alot by my brother, dad, brothers friends, some of my dads buisness workers, strangers, even by some police officers. Im naked alot though. If anyone wants pictures of me naked ask
lacy67 lacy67 5 years
When i was 18, I went to my boyfriend's house. He was in the process of moving out and so his bed was already out of his room. His parents' bed was still in the house, in the bedroom. We wanted to show our love for each other, so we stripped and got into his parents' bed. I was feeling really good when suddenly the door opened and his mom and my mom were standing there. They did not see much of him, but they saw all of me from the front. They shrieked and left as his mom through her favorite chemise towards me. It was nice and I still wear it to this day. After that incident, my mom took me to get birth control pills.
naked1 naked1 5 years
there i was home alone doing the washing and hanging it outside when all of a sudden my neighbour was at her fence looking over not sure how long she been there for haveing a look she then said to me it is pretty hot isnt it we got talking for awhile and me forgot i was naked when she said to me i will let you go before you burn everything and then she said nice body see you next time with a smile
asdfghjklzxcasqwuhg asdfghjklzxcasqwuhg 6 years
It was pretty embarrasing. It happened in high school. I am a boy and i was sleeping nude when my best friend who was a girl tried to wake me up for a field trip. I wouldn't wake up and she yanked the blanket off my body and she saw my penis. It was an awkward moment. So i just said i would show her my penis if she got naked. she did and we started having sex
ohyourecool ohyourecool 6 years
sorry. while i was still asleep they taking pictures of me and took all of my clothes. Eventually they started touching it which is when i woke up. They told they wouldnt tell any one if i did a FEW things. they made me pose for a picture, let them touch me all they want(shivers), go skinny dipping in our pool(eventually they all came in naked with me:) ), and every time her friends would come over i would have to strip and maybe they would to. to me it sounded like a good deal so i agreed and it was actually fun.
ohyourecool ohyourecool 6 years
I am a 13 yo boy who likes to walk around naked in my house wich is pretty big. on saturday afternoons i am usely home alone. one day i was listening to music and didnt hear my 17 yo sister come home with a bunch of her friends. i fell asleep upstairs still naked in the game area. they came up stairs to watch a movie and the selection was where i was at. whi
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