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Do Tell: Have You Ever Been With an Uncircumcised Man?

The jury is still out when it comes to circumcising your kids, but when you meet a man as an adult, that decision was already made for him long ago. While circumcision is done for several reasons — so sons can look like their fathers, for religious purposes, or for cleanliness — medical research still wavers as to what's better. Since many are opting against it, do tell, have you ever been with an uncircumcised man? If so, was it any different from being with a man who was circumcised?

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fresh88 fresh88 5 years
 @Anonymous does he take antideppressants? they tend to do that
Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
Really? I can't believe all the traffic on this....
Lippy-Girl Lippy-Girl 6 years
Circumcised men have a better, richer sensual experience - especially in sex play and oral (if you find it difficult with an uncut man Silver you're doing it wrong!). Their skin makes entry gentle and sex more lubricated - it also rubs on your g-spot in a way which is deliciously pleasurable for both of you. Hands free orgasms much more likely - including simultaneous! And after sex it gets put away in its special pouch, to keep safe for next time (as you would with any other highly engineered bit of kit). It's cleaner than your bits too. What's not to like? I'm disturbed at some of the ignorance and misandry on her. For the record you girls are 10 x more likely to get smegma than a man - you are also more likely to have a smelly bacterial or yeast infection! And a circ'd man is NOT safe from infections or smegma - circ'd men have double the chance of urethritis. If they have thrush they are less likely to realise it and so less likely to get treatment...not a good thing. They are also more likely to refuse condoms - because the desensitisation compounds their exisiting desensitisation. Forced male circ is just as much of a human rights violation as forced female circ - and no one should be trying to sugar coat it. Female circ for the record very rarely involves stitching her up - and often just involves slitting or removing her foreskin. So really not as different as you think.
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