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After last weekend's Sunday Confessional, I started to reflect on some of the roommates I've had in the past. As I tallied up all the girls and guys I've lived with, I realized I've had more than my fair share of terrible roomies. They've been anywhere from crazy and clingy to rude and standoffish, not to mention cheap and messy.

And though many of my great roommates have become my closest friends, it seems to me that getting a good roommate is about as easy as finding the right guy. So ladies, do tell, have you ever dealt with an awful roommate situation? Please share your frustrating or funny experiences below!


sexybtch sexybtch 6 years
OMG last year i wuz living with 2 other girls and 1 of there boyfriends moved in. He wuz cool but one day his gf had to go away for weekend to go home. me and other girl were out for the nite. I can home early cuz i was sick and saw his phone by the door. I wuz surpised cuz he was supposed to be with his friends at game. then I heard noise from there room and voices one wuz girls voice. I thought it was his gf and went to my room and heard really loud sex noises and it didn't sound like my roomate. it wuz couple of minutes and I went into the hall catched him with another girl. after she left he beged me not to say anything to his gf. Four the whole weekend he kept askin me not to tell her and being nice to me so I wouldn say nothin. she came back and four a week i didn't say anything and he wuz pain in my bitch. finally i told her and they had big fight to break up and got my other roomate mad and started hating on me. he left 2 months and messed with some my s*it.
opisnowpro opisnowpro 9 years
Once I went to an internship to California and I rented a room to an old women that smoked weed from 7 am tlll 11 pm, she snored very loud and refused to close her door, she was sooo trashy, when I moved out she was so angry (because of the money) she wrote to my boyfriend and said I was cheating him and called my job to said we were a bunch of stoners (me and my friends from work) and it wasnt true!!! I hated her so much.....
hologram hologram 9 years
I'm living in a share house at the moment for the first time and I love it! At times there have been 13 people people living here and it's always loads of fun. Quite often after the weekend there is a huge pile of dirty dishes and beer bottles covering every surface in the lounge room (but it was worth it for the fun of the weekend!). Everyone just kind of does their bit. Sometimes I'll go a while without doing my fair share because I'm busy at work or whatever but I always end up making it up by doing a big clean. Everyone's very tolerant and we rarely have arguments. The worst thing is at the moment I have a rommie who turns on the light when she comes in late and is quite loud which wakes me up. But I don't have trouble going to sleep and I'm sure there is something I do that bothers her so I'm happy to put up with it. I feel so lucky that I found such a great house to live in when I moved to a whole new city where I didn't know anyone. My housemates have become my best friends.
tranejoan tranejoan 9 years
I had a flatmate who never did her share of chores (we had a rota system on the fridge and she would always just tick it without actually doing it!) and had friends staying over in her room for over 3 months and yet not contributing to any of the bills. oh and did I mention she refused to pay her fair share of rent? She had the double en-suite bathroom and we agreed on a price before we moved in and one day she just said 'i can't afford it' (while wearing a new pair of boots that costed £90, and she's a shopaholic who would buy the same corset with different colours just because she 'couldn't make my mind up'...if you haven't guess already, we're all students) and promptly refused to either pay her fair share or move out of the room. The four of us had such a big arguement (us against her) and in the end i was so fustrated that i decided to pay for her instead (in the end she was arguing over a measley £2 per week!), which needless to say my other friends jumped to objection... i've never had such a messy 'discussion' in my life...
gemsera gemsera 9 years
I cant believe I havent posted here yet... Sitaution 1: I lived with my boss and his girlfriend (phillipino?), i worked 3 jobs so i would do their accounts at night time. The only furniture in the house was made from steel and self constructed? At night id wake up to hear him beating her like a poor squealing teddy bear. We had rats in the house as they never patched up holes etc. One day I came home from a double shift, and he'd ripped up the floor in the bathroom and put pebbles down. This was a HISTORICALY LISTED house from 1890!! I woke up one day after working quite hard and found they had been in and put most of my things on the sidewalk in the rain, my pc, my tv etc everything! They kicked me out on the spot, and left me in the rain with my things. Situation 2: I was friends with a bunch of guys and girls who all lived in this massive house which was one of their parents houses. I moved in as it was a party house and so convenient to party where you live. We were all having a good time til there was a bust up with one of the relationships. I was closer to the guy, and he called, so with lots of people in the house I walked out down the road as he wanted to talk. We went for a drive and literally, just helped him work out the situation as his GF was pregnant etc. I came home (again walked from around the block) and they all accused me of sleeping with him. I locked my door, and they starting harassing me calling me a sl*t etc... then when they couldnt get in, they took a sledgehammer to my door to break it down saying they were going to cut me up etc. I called the cops, who came, said as it wasnt my house i had to get what i could and leave. I didnt have a car, my family was overseas and all my friends had turned on me. I went and stayed with a not so close friend with what little belongings i could take (the rest of my room was ransacked after I left, not surprising. I went bck with police escort a few days later and got the rest of my stuff. I'm just so thankful now for my beau and not having all that drama!!
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
the worst roomates Iv'e ever had were family, no lie. why does family screw you over worse than any stranger would? because they can...
pink-elephant pink-elephant 9 years
ugh! my freshmen year at roommate really pissed me off.She was a theatre major taking a mime class and would practice constantly in our room during the wee hours of the morning to some creepy Thai music. She's not even Asian but she was like obsessed with everything Thailand. She also would mime out in the middle of the hall and in the bathroom. She was really really really religious and legalistic, very dangerous with a rulebook also. She would get on to me for the littlest things calling them a "sin." Then she would tell me things like I shouldn't do this or read that or wear this, listen to that....never could leave me alone...she had to get onto everyone (not just me!)All my friends hated her, but she was always trying to invite herself whenever we did stuff for some reason.And whenever I had a class with the troll she was always one of those annoying people who has to ask/answer questions allll the time, even when the teacher asks a rhetorical question. Worst year of my life.
Lelee Lelee 9 years
okay r we ready for this: keep in mind this girl use to work with me for 2 years. no one really knew her or liked her. i befriend her and actually like her. we both had are own places and decided i should move in with her because she needed a roomate and i wanted out of my place now this girl had just broken up with her boyfriend. They actually broke up 8 months ago but to her it was like yesterday. Any and every guy that i met, she would immediately ask if they had a friend for her because she hates being single! she was more clingy with them than me! it got to the point where she would actually "call" every guy we saw. you kno how u call something like to call dibs. YES the game children play with houses or cars. Except she was dead serious the guy wouldnt even be near us and she would be like "called him!" lol. sooooo weird. luckily i was dating someone so i wasnt looking. so the wrap this up, the new neighbor she "called" had a little thing for me and started becoming vocal about it. one nite she comes back from his place and he follows her to bring me a cupcake. Two days later she tells me this isnt working out. She also tells me im not really on the lease so she will give me 30 days. 2 days later she rips my name off the mail box. so i rip hers off out of disgust and anger. the next afternoon she calls me to let me kno i have to move out that day. its 5:00 on a friday. also she changes the locks and doesnt give me a key. And ready for this. she calls the cops and tells them ive been making threats and she doesnt feel safe and that ive been stealing from her. the cops come and she doctored some email saying i told her to watch her back and not go to sleep. CRAZY. to add insult im blk and she's white. so she was painting me to be the stereotype of some angry blk woman when really it was a jealousy thing. so the cops got her to calm down and she let me stay for the rest of the month, with no keys. it was awful. and the best part was, 2 weeks in she had the nerve to ask for $$ for utilities. after shed kept my full rent for that month. and she also asked if we could be friends!!!!! no wonder this girl didnt have any friends.... in the end i feel bad for her. she needs meds...and clearly has been overlooked by her doctor, lol.
margokhal margokhal 9 years
I have *never* had a good roommate experience. I used to think that maybe it was me, but it really wasn't. My first roommate (ever!) was a potheaded drunk. Never went to class, to work, or anything! Her boyfriend gave me my favorite movie DVD for free the first time I met him - just so I "wouldn't freak" when he was in our room all the time. They would cook elaborate meals, and NEVER CLEAN ANY OF THE DISHES. She finally got kicked out of school (which she claimed was a "horrible injustice", imagine THAT). The interim roommate I had was crazy, but was actually kind of cool. My second roommate was okay, we lived together for 3 was her FAMILY that ended up ruining our last year - she doesn't take sides for anything, just lets the family handle it. Her mother tried to cheat me out of money, citing previous hospitality to not pay her share of utilities. Not only that, she moved in a relative with US at the last minute after we had secured housing! So shady. Fortunately my time with living with her is ending - unfortunately, I don't think I can be any kind of friend with the girl b/c her family is so horrid. I recently lived with three other girls, two of which were pretty horrible. They brought in guys all the time without regard for any of the other roommate's safety or decency, never cleaned anything - especially when the damage was from wild drinking parties THEY hosted. One old cup of rum sat in the sink with a rotting lime in it for 6 weeks. Six!!! Hooray for having all these bad experiences though. I now know that I will NEVER live with anyone ever again (it's become a requirement). It's not worth it, and I enjoy the time by myself! :)
shepptacular shepptacular 9 years
Me and my boyfriend rented our second bedroom out to a couple that never once cleaned the bathroom (4 people in an apt?!)..then they broke up and we were left with the boy...the boy who ate our food..possibly used our towels and never replaced any toilet paper or paper towels. He had a friend stay in our apartment for an entire month and then never paid the finals bills for his last month. He was the worst roommate and I couldn't be happier that he is gone
sugarbean sugarbean 9 years
I lived single white female my freshman year of college. she dated my (then) boyfriend's best friend. she apparently wore my clothes and commented when I'd move stuff around in my closet. at the time, I liked a certain movie -- she got sheets, posters, etc of the movie for her part of the dorm. she was holier than thou, but kept pictures of her less than holy adventures in her Bible. she got paid for some of those adventures, by the way. by the end of the year, she was starving herself and cutting herself -- and she convinced our RA that I was forcing her to do these things. mind you, I was living at home by that time because it was not safe to be anywhere near that girl. suddenly, the guy upstairs with joint custody of the kid (who is apparently training for the effing Olympics track team -- I know this b/c he runs circles upstairs and knocks framed prints off the wall) (oh, and dad is sleeping with the kid's mom -- and a girlfriend) doesn't seem so bad.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
My last roommate Amanda :) started off fantastic, then went downhill fast. We worked together (I was the bosses assistant, she store manager) and so that was really fun. We had mutual friends so it was like a big party. But then she started dating our bosses son and I wasn't supposed to know about it because it was not a good situation (bosses were psycho and she was basically trash but I loved her anyway) so I was thrown in the middle of this dumb secret that looking back was so lame, I should have just told. Then our power was cut off while I am out of town on vacation. She calls me pissed off cause the power is out and I was so apologetic and I felt so bad and everything because I am the one who always paid the bill. So while I'm sitting by the beach, I'm calling TXU and waiting on hold, talking to people, paying 220 dollars to get our account current and feeling so guilty that I had dropped the ball. It wasn't until I got back from out of town that I remembered I had given her my check to mail and even put a stamp on the envelope so it was basically add your check and mail it. So I went into her room (that wasn't off limits or anything) and in her bedside table (that was) I found my check along with our bill. I was furious. I felt so mad and frustrated that she had ruined my vacation in a sense and that there it was, not mailed. She got more involved with the son who now at this point was working for the company. I finally moved out on my own before our lease was up because she was just so ridiculous and evil. Evil. Lesson learned= Don't work with your roommate, no matter how close you think you are.
Little-Pepper Little-Pepper 9 years
I live with 3 girls, one of them moved in about 5 months ago. About a month ago she went to work on a cruise ship for 2 months, and he mother had some financial problems and asked us if she could just stay over for some time. Of course we agreed, but what happened a week after she moved in, the mother stormed out of the flat, screaming 'you are playing games with my daughter's live' and she had the craziest eyes i've ever seen. Then the daughter called us and said 'oh and btw, she is a sick person, mental problems, that's why I wasn't around her since i was 15'. great you let us know now! and the woman returned to the house, she had keys, she locked herself in the room 'pretending' she's not there, had a car crash the same day. I'm moving out next week.
krrn krrn 9 years
my first roommate freshman year was horrible. i talked to her on the phone before going to school and she told me she was rich and would bring everything for our room. well she didn't bring anything. she didn't even bring anything for herself. she was always using everything of mine: my computer, straightener, perfume, lotion, makeup, pretty much everything. and then she would have a million of her friends over and let them use my shit as well. she used to let creepy guys sleep over and they would be trying to get with me all night. i spent most of freshman year sleeping in my friend's room because of this. also, my ipod was stolen which i assumed was one of her million friends that she had over all the time. and the final straw was one time when i woke up after being super drunk and passing out, she was having sex in the bed that was like 3 feet from me. i wanted to puke all over.
browneyedgirl00 browneyedgirl00 9 years
OH, AND she kept the thermostat in the 60's year-round. She at one point claimed she didn't know that the thermostat went by 2 degree increments. What an airhead.
browneyedgirl00 browneyedgirl00 9 years
Roommate who I didn't know prior to her moving in-- Used my bath towels, Used my personal products (shampoo, etc) Ate my food, Didn't do her dishes, or would pile pots in the dishwasher with food crusted on them-yuck. Also, she would sleep til 3 or 4 in the afternoon then stay up all hours of the night watching Disney movies that blarred into my bedroom! She used the living room as a second personal room for herself-even if she wasnt watching TV on the one TV in the house with cable. She was da clueles slob, and I'm so glad to live back at home!
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
Half of my roommates have been problem roommates but the worst one was this girl who I thought saved me by moving in the day before the new rent cycle because the previous girl diffused the responsibility of finding a replacement. I didn't harass her about getting on the lease, since she seemed to be comfortable in the apartment and getting along with her roommate, and she wound up only living there for one month. She moved out THE DAY BEFORE RENT WAS DUE, without any notice whatsoever. In fact, earlier in the day she even suggested dinner with the roommate and later we all came back to find all her stuff completely gone -- no note or anything. She just disappeared. Another bad one was a roommate who wound up owing me nearly $2000 but she's actually working to pay it back so it's not AS bad...
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