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I've been in the dating world for quite some time and although it's fun to get to know new people, I'm more interested in finding a special someone. There are definitely some weirdos out there, but I can usually tell within a few hours of meeting a guy whether or not he's boyfriend material. If the conversation flows easily, if he shows he cares by listening when I talk, if there's good chemistry and if he can make me laugh, I'm inclined to think there's potential there!

But what about you? What qualities do you look for in a guy when figuring out if he's boyfriend material?


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genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
if hes nice to animals. weird i know but how a guy treats animals is a good indicator of how he'll treat you when you get past that point in your relationship when you always try to impress each other
rellicDragon rellicDragon 8 years
If I have a spark ... that intial spark ...
fairyqueen0 fairyqueen0 8 years
i HATED my boyfriend when i first met him, but it was only really when i went out with him, that i started to like him. leason? don't always go with first impressions. particularly if you're drunk.
Sweetthang336 Sweetthang336 8 years
I think you just got to go with you gutt feeling, TALK it out first show both of you are on the same page and have an understanding.
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
And up until now I still wouldn't know what to tell my daughters (i don't have any but if I do) what to look for? What can you say to them? They must figure that one out themselves.
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
Oh my god! a huge list, i would say if he sees someone needing help and he goes out of his way to do something about it, I would consider a hot date but if he is one of those types who say it ain't my problem, sorry I'm out of there!
baybelle baybelle 8 years
mesayme that was hilarious!! When I was looking for a boyfriend, I had this huge list of ways I absolutely wanted him to be and then I met my (now) husband and he is (almost) none of those things. Come to think of it, my ex WAS all those things and THAT didn't work out so maybe one should throw out the lists and go with the flow?
Muirnea Muirnea 8 years
Mesayme....AAAAAHAHAHAHHAHA! :) My list is totally 5 times that long. :-P :)
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
Well, let me just put in my Molding Clay order in case one of you Sugas knows this guy then! And if I don't find my perfect man...DDL I'l hold YOU PERSONALLY responsible ;) He has to share my tastes in music. He has to be active but not a gym rat. (Preferably tennis or golf) He has to believe in God and Jesus. (because I do) He has to have a creative sense of humor...telling jokes just don't get it. He wouldn't watch much television. He loves action movies and hates sappy chick flicks. He only plays video games with the boys. He probably plays at least one instrument (no horns, cause I hate 'em) He's willing to eat meat only 3 times a week, fish twice and no pork. He never smokes. He hardly ever drinks. His idea of a party has no less than 4 relatives present. His idea of a great vacation is a cabin in the any mountains not on the celebrity brochure. Speaking of celebrities, he agrees they are mostly full of s*. His favorite color is blue. His favorite car is a Mustang but he drives an SUV. He works with his hands and using mostly his mind. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen despite my imperfections. And he stands around the corner and peeks early on Saturday mornings while I stir pancake batter...because he likes to see me get 'jiggy'. And he is the most handsome man I've ever see until he pisses me off. His favorite TV show of all time is Sanford and Son. His favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He's very clean except on Saturday night because he refuses to shower if he's not going anywhere. He'd rather my cooking to any restaurant. Everyone thinks he's tough but I don't. He has a big smile and a larger laugh. Boxer briefs. Sneakers or lace up loafers. (size 12 or larger) Levis Nike He's taller than me. He hates to fuss with his hair. He's an early riser who wishes he could sleep late. He loooooves a good pillow. Hates hotels!! And his favorite meal of any day of the week...MY fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and garlicky baby whole green beans!!!!! He would never cheat. And he'd never lie about cheating! See this lump of clay??.... send him to me USPS. (because he thinks the others are too expensive.) There's more...but who has the time, I need to warm up my hands for all that MOLDING!!! :ROTFL:
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Also, he can't be racist, sexist, at any time refer to a desire to own as many weapons as possible, a hunter, or addicted to mindless sitcoms. And he has to be funny. And love the Daily Show. And have read at least a few of my favorite authors. And be the fiance I have now :)
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Intelligence, respectfulness, sincerity, and interests other than getting wasted and partying top the list for me.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 8 years
I agree with all of yours, In addition, for me, I think a guy has to be real and genuine. not arrogant or douche-y. Complete turn-off!
Muirnea Muirnea 8 years
At DDL: Putting time and energy into a relationship and "...guys are very flexible so you can pretty much mold a guy into being whatever kind of guy you want", are TOTALLY different things. My bf and I have "kinks" just like everyone else and we work through them very well. But he is who he is, and I don't want or need to change that. Working through things and changing little things here and there are NOT the same thing as molding a person into someone you want them to be. If anyone is willing to change that much of their personality for you, then they don't have any self esteem or confidence...they are a doormat waiting for you to control their life. Who wants a guy like that?!?! not me. And yes, actually I did meet my bf online, and he is PERFECT for me. No changes necessary.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
HAHAHA bluesteyes no ... though they go out to drink a LOT and I'm often invited. However I only sip Coke since I know my limits. No, this was like sometime last year when I had an awful tummy bug. I took care of him when he had food poisoning last year though - and THAT WAS DISGUSTING - so I really think we're in it for the long haul. :)
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
:) well I hope that wasn't at the welcome party at your boyfriend's new workplace digestivebiscuit, lol
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
When he held my hair back while I puked for about an hour at 2 a.m. from stomach flu. That was love, yo. But yeah, chemistry is important too. :D
macchiatolove macchiatolove 8 years
yes, manners is a huge one for me! I would rate boyfriend material by amount of effort - if he's not courteous or well dressed on the first date, he's unlikely to get better as the relationship goes on. I also agree with iamangie... how he treats random strangers, people who are in service positions or that he has power over - how he treats them is a really good indicator of how he might be expected to treat you.
wildflower666 wildflower666 8 years
when he doesnt hit you and goes telling his family then threaten kill you cause misunderstanding i hit first really its self defense.
DDL DDL 8 years
@mesayme & anyone else not willing to put time and energy into a relationship if you dont want to spend time working out the kinks and smoothing the edges, then how could u expect a guy to give u the time of day? do u think men come special ordered and delivered to u on a silver platter? I wish you LOTS of luck on that one. Maybe online dating :]
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
married now, but....he wasn't looking around when we were together because he was looking at me. he called when he said he would. he was remembered what i liked (as in how you take your coffee). he didn't brag about himself in a "you are SO lucky to be here with me" way, but maybe in a "i hope this impresses you enough that you want to see me again way. never said good-bye w/o making arrangements to see me again.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
I have found actions speak louder than words. A guy can tell me how much he likes me, but if he doesn't show me (example, sweet gestures, genuine interest, affectionate, etc), then I know he isn't boyfriend material. I love a guy who is genuine, funny, intelligent and attractive in his own "special way".
Muirnea Muirnea 8 years
I look for genuine interest, someone who is actually interested in me and what I'm all about. It's pretty easy to tell with most people when they aren't actually interested in you. And guys who look hugable, LOL LOL!! I need someone who is a good hugger, I love hugs. :-P :) Hahahah, Mesayme, I agree. It's not my job to "fix" a guy. Good grief, I want a guy who knows who he is and can run his own life. I don't want a guy that needs me to decide who he is for him!!
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
I am a busy woman and mother; not a sculptor. Lumps of clay need not apply. Take your ass three doors down the hall to a woman who doesn't do a damn thing but text on a Blackberry.
DDL DDL 8 years
Allow me to tell you the secret about boyfriends. Any guy is boyfriend material. There is not a single male over the age of 12 who doesn't want to be a boyfriend. ANY GUY COULD POTENTIALLY BE YOUR BOYFRIEND. Just take time to get to know them and they automatically start acting like a boyfriend. The best part is guys are very flexible so you can pretty much mold a guy into being whatever kind of guy you want. Good luck!
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