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Whether they were set up by a mettlesome friend or collided at what they'd later call a "kegger," the story of how your parents met is unexpectedly endearing. Hearing how they once fidgeted on the shag carpet of a first date is as weird as it is comforting. So, tell us, how did yours go from strangers to mom and dad?

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Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 8 years
my dad and mom met in highschool. She was a freshman and he was a senior. A few months later they ran away to WV to elope at the age of 16 (mom) and 18 (dad). The had my brother a few months later.
Daisy-Doe Daisy-Doe 8 years
My parents met each other on the engagement party of their brother and sister! So we have a double family! Since my mother's brother is married to my dad's sister. It's pretty cool. They met when they were only 15, they are 52 now and still together, it's so lovely.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 8 years
They met in college. My mom was friends with my dad's brother. When mom and friends went out, my dad started tagging along.. he had his brother as an excuse. LOL
vanitypot vanitypot 8 years
LOL @ comment 34! mom and dad were classmates at a finance class back in college but mom didn't really notice dad at first.. but dad noticed her even if they were seated far apart.. then one day, mom was on the same bus *going home back to the countryside for the summer* with dad *road trip w/ friends* and he boldly grabbed the empty seat beside her and they started from there! :) dad then became mom's tutor on that shared finance subject since he was a math nerd and mom had trouble with numbers.. ;)
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
They met on holiday in Spain back in 1987 :) Got married 4 years later- on Halloween and they didn't realies that 15 years later :ROTFL:
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years
they met at a dog club...they loved pomeranians! when i was younger, we had 3. we now have 5 cats, 2 dogs and a bird. we've had more animals than that, believe it or not!
flyowsley flyowsley 8 years
High School sweethearts. Still going strong.
brwneyedqtpie244 brwneyedqtpie244 8 years
Blind date :]
infusedwithspice infusedwithspice 8 years
I love reading all of these cool stories . . . so unique! My mom's a nurse, my dad was working his way through college as the hospital janitor. She called him to clean up a bed pan and some kid who vomited and he asked her out after . . . ah, romance!
smouri smouri 8 years
My parents actually meet on their first day of school when they were six years old. They were in the same class for the next 8 years, and were friends and hanging around with the same people. They never dated during this time, and went out into the world after high school as an au pair and exchange student. But when they were in their twenties they meet up with a bunch of other friends playing badminton, and feel in love... And now they have been married for 35 years! Its funny hearing about their childhood, because they knew a lot of the same people. So same situations, but different perception of things that happened.
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
this is a great post! some lovely stories. my mum threw and new years party and invited a guy she liked... he never showed. when she asked where he was someone told her he was at my dad's house. to which she replied "who the hell is ****". a year on, her and a group of friends went to watch a rugby match at murrayfield, there was a huge hokey kokey outside the grounds, they literally bumped into one and other, and began talking. they've now been married for nearly 40 years.
whatthew00t whatthew00t 8 years
My parents met working at the same hospital in the Philippines. They did not begin to show interest with each other until my mom sprained her ankle and she was taken by her friend to the ER where my dad was working at the time. They dated for a year until my mom left for the US and they broke up. A year after, my grandpa wrote a letter to my mom to go back to my dad. I guess my grandpa was quite convincing lol, since they had a long distance relationship for four years until they agreed to marry.
opentypeA opentypeA 8 years
They met in college, they were both staying in the same frat over the summer
prettypan prettypan 8 years
my parents were refugees of the vietnam war. the first time they met was at a refugee camp in guam. my dad always found my mom but she never talked to him because her brothers were waaay overprotective! that is, until he found her alone one day. they talked, and they met a couple more times, but my mom's family was sponsored by a church- they would help my mom's family with housing, food, jobs, etc. until they got on their feet. my mom left my dad and neither knew where she was headed- they thought that that would just be it. about a month later, my dad was sponsored by a nice family. wouldn't you know that he just happened to be sent to the same city as my mom?? IT WAS FATE!!! they courted, my mom's brothers became my dad's best friends, and now they are happily married with 4 adopted kids, 4 biological kids (ME!) aged 19-37, and a handful of grandkids :]
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
High school, junior year. My parents had a class together, and my mom had a crush on my dad, who was completely oblivious. Senior year, he finally asked her out to the homecoming dance - but she couldn't go, she already had a date to the dance. Instead they went to the homecoming football game together, and the rest (41 years later!) is history.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
My mom met my dad when he went to go see her brother who was in a band with my dad. At a bar. Little did she know my dads love of music, other women, bars and drinking would destroy her sham of a marriage after 20 years. It seems to be a pattern, since my mom only dated musicians. Maybe now that shes older and divorced she'll find a nice, stable guy. Preferably one that doesn't waste away at bars all the time.
cg130 cg130 8 years
My mom was in grad school, and her boyfriend was in law school with my dad. He became friends with my dad, and then introduced my mom and dad. My mom dumped the boyfriend and hooked up with my dad, hahah. Amazingly, they are all still friends, and the ex-boyfriend doesn't seem to care at all about what happened!
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