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Do Tell: How Do You Get in the Holiday Spirit?

Our first year out of college my roommate decided that we had to get a Christmas tree for our "grown-up" apartment. She and her helpful elf boyfriend brought the tree up our set of stairs that are so steep walking up them counts as a workout. We all had fun decorating it, and I think we might have stuck a couple of presents under the thing. But by the time I got back from spending the holidays with my family I had turned into Scrooge. There sat our dead, fire-hazard Christmas tree surrounded by a pile of pine needles. Since my roommate, the instigator of the whole thing, was still out of town, I got my neighbor to help me lug it down the stairs and into the street on trash day. To this day, the most decoration I'll commit to is an advent calendar (there's chocolate!) or some holiday socks.

Don't get me wrong — I really love this time of year. But, since I'm anti-tree, in my place at least, I turn to my favorite holiday music and movies to get me in the spirit. I'll also occasionally switch up my coffee order to something pepperminty during the month of December. Do you do anything special to get yourself into the holiday mood?

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lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 7 years
This may sound crazy, but Starbucks totally reminds me of the holidays. Also, I'm a real tree person. I'm at college, but when I get home we have a real pine tree. It's true that it's kind of depressing to get rid of it after Xmas, but I love the smell of the pine needles.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I get ready for Christmas by digging out my flannel VS pajamas with the christmas socks print, I put my Andy Williams X-mas CDs into rotation and sip hot cocoa with marshmellows. My husband and I watch a Christmas movie on Black Friday to get us in the spirit and we plan what new holiday tradition we want to start of our own. This year we're building our first gingerbread house to be a centerpiece on the dining room table. And we'll be going over to Hersheypark for their Christmas Candylane and the Hershey Sweet Lights tour. Tomorrow we string up the lights and go cut down our christmas tree. Ahh...I just love Christmas.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Ah - I love Christmas. Even though I'm atheist, it has so much sentimental meaning for me. Christmas was the only time of year that my parents really did anything family oriented. My dad grew up in a really abusive household where his mom would buy his brother presents but would buy him none and say she forgot he was even her son! That said - he never wanted his children to have a bad christmas like he did, so he and my mom always went way over the top and made it a huge family gathering. My family never gets together except for maybe two hours on any other holiday (or even birthdays), but Christmas is different - it's a magical day where my entire family is together most of the day. Everyone is getting along and is friendly towards each other.
neonbee neonbee 7 years
Christmas music, definitely. My cousin and I live together and we decided not to put up a Christmas tree since we're both not staying at our apartment during the holidays. Even my mum didn't and won't put up a tree this year (particularly because we're going away for the holidays). The songs, however, always makes me feel so Christmas-y.
janneth janneth 7 years
Christmas music and putting a few decorations in my office at work--that puts me in the mood. And I love when people decorate the outside of their homes.
dexaholic dexaholic 7 years
This is the first year in history that Toronto has had a completely snow-free November, so it's really hard to get in the spirit! That being said, I am hosting my "First Annual Cookie Exchange" on Saturday and have been furiously decorating my apartment for the parties. I'm taking tomorrow off work and I'm going to spend the day baking 10-dozen cookies (my boyfriend's Aunts' Shortbread Cookies!). Baking always gets me in the mood :). I'm also going to watch my favourite Christmas movies - Elf and A Christmas Story!
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Agreed, VictoriaW. I try to avoid it like the plague. A money-driven farce.
Wild-Magelet Wild-Magelet 7 years
@VictoriaW: It's totally fine if you don't like to celebrate Christmas, but almost anything in the world could be deemed a "made up fantasy" if that's how you choose to look at it. I have faith, but am not overtly religious; however, I love Christmas and I'm incredibly thankful for it. When you've had a crappy year of chronic pain and clinical depression, family members' cancer treatments and a close bereavement, it's nice to have *something* that brightens things even a little. I can sit here with my painkillers and watch my mother trying to recover with a smile on her face after a double mastectomy, and the sight of the Christmas tree lights makes me feel a bit better. If that's *all* Christmas can do, it's enough for me! Eek, sorry to preach. I just wanted to point out that whether you believe in it or not, I think it's an undeniable fact that Christmas *can* bring happiness to some people and I think it's a blessing.
xxstardust xxstardust 7 years
I get so into Christmas. The Saturday after Thanksgiving my mom and I put up the tree at home, and when I came back to school on Sunday my boyfriend and I put up our little mini tree, hung up the advent calenders his mom sent us, and made hot chocolate to have while we looked at our little tree all lit up and watch a christmas show on TV. :] Shopping's mostly done, except for my dad and the giving tree since I haven't gotten my kid yet. The campus ministry Christmas mass/party is this coming Sunday, and I've had Christmas music on repeat for days now, whee!! Yay, holidays. <3
Hello890 Hello890 7 years
I play Christmas music, while putting up Christmas decorations.
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
I love Christmas and put up a tree (fake, I dislike real) and put decorations throughout the house. I play holiday music and usually buy new Christmas-themed PJs as well. We watch a bunch of holiday movies as well.
psychobabble psychobabble 7 years
I got into the spirit this morning! The Chicago 'burbs just had the first flurries of the season and I wrapped all the presents purchased so far. Too bad I need to be cramming for finals!
IsobelBloom IsobelBloom 7 years
Twinkle lights on my patio, Love Actually, and catching the old claymation x-mas cartoons on tv.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Ha! 'Nog sightings in the dairy section get me as well! I love to dip peppermint sticks in a tall glass of the stuff.
nancita nancita 7 years
I love to buy some low-fat eggnog to mix with bourbon over the holidays, and I listen to old Christmas records. There I said it! That's my favorite thing.
Ac2366 Ac2366 7 years
I love putting up decorations and I have to have a real tree. I have so much fun putting on the lights and carefully placing the ornaments. Ok, sometimes there are arguments over whether the tree is straight or too tall or whatever, but it's still fun and a yearly tradition. I don't feel like it's really Christmas until I have the house decorated and begin shopping for gifts for the family. I love Christmas!!!
lauraxtc lauraxtc 7 years
Xmas Lights always work for me. I like to get a Xmas tree too but I can't this year. We have no space. So I will take my xmas decorations out and place them around my apt.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
I have to say I'm old school I always watch It's a Wonderful Life to get me in the mood. I love that movie and I cry every time when George is standing on that bridge asking for his life back. It reminds me that life is as wonderful as I allow it to be.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
I don't buy gifts for most of my family and friends -- I'm a broke 20something and I feel that sending cards is a much more personal touch since I can share why they are special to me, etc. etc. I buy boxed cards and fun holiday stamps (they're super cute this year) and its just a tradition with myself I love.... I'll put on carols, comfy PJs, have some tea or cocoa and get to work. I also live in NYC so lots of the city has decorations... I'm on the Lower East Side and walking through SoHo or Little Italy, there are lights everywhere. My boyfriend and I did a walking date last year and went to Rockefeller to see the tree, looked at the Lord & Taylor windows, etc etc. I also just try to be kind to people, its a happy-feeling time of year.
robinlh912 robinlh912 7 years
I need it to snow, otherwise I don't feel so holiday spirited. It's difficult when I'm in school, there's too much stress right before the holidays with finals and the end of the semester, to feel very merry, but snow makes things feel nice :) And it's snowing today too! I think I may send some Christmas card!
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