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Our first year out of college my roommate decided that we had to get a Christmas tree for our "grown-up" apartment. She and her helpful elf boyfriend brought the tree up our set of stairs that are so steep walking up them counts as a workout. We all had fun decorating it, and I think we might have stuck a couple of presents under the thing. But by the time I got back from spending the holidays with my family I had turned into Scrooge. There sat our dead, fire-hazard Christmas tree surrounded by a pile of pine needles. Since my roommate, the instigator of the whole thing, was still out of town, I got my neighbor to help me lug it down the stairs and into the street on trash day. To this day, the most decoration I'll commit to is an advent calendar (there's chocolate!) or some holiday socks.

Don't get me wrong — I really love this time of year. But, since I'm anti-tree, in my place at least, I turn to my favorite holiday music and movies to get me in the spirit. I'll also occasionally switch up my coffee order to something pepperminty during the month of December. Do you do anything special to get yourself into the holiday mood?

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