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There is really nothing better than falling in love, but on the flip side, there's nothing worse than having a broken heart. Love and heartache hits everyone differently, some get physically ill when they are overcome with love while others get sick with a broken heart, so ladies, do tell, how does love sickness affect you?


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Hibalicious Hibalicious 9 years
When I'm in love, everything around me seems so wierd, and I'm always so excited and the feeling's always like I'm about to win a million dollar check. And whenever I'm doing something I don't want to do, I just think of him and then it's like I'm doing something I've always wanted to do! Love to me is like the solution to all my daily problems. But then there's heartbreaks.... now thats just the exact opposite! When i'm heartbroken, I'm like this mental retard with a problem with depression and I'm just always crying and I don't ever eat anything and I start changing my ways. Like last time, when I was heartbroken, I became all religious and started worshipping god, and then i finally got over it.. When u do something new, it realy helps.
awhdarling awhdarling 9 years
I have only been in love twice. I started dating my first love when I was 16 and after highschool we got engaged. It ended badly although we never married. I am currently with my second love. I think that when you really love someone they never leave you and you can never get rid of them no matter how hard you try.
mrsindiangirl mrsindiangirl 9 years
i was happy and feeling on top of the world, til he broke my heart. now i dont feel the same way about him.
La-Belle La-Belle 9 years
when a relationship ends...(and my last one ended very slowly and painfully) i honestly feel like im dying. i feel sick, dont want to eat, want to cry but wont let myself...but the worst pain isn't the physical...its the emotional longing you feel and the emptiness. breakups SUCK
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
Last time a relationship fell apart (and I thought he was the One), I sunk into a horrible depression, stopped eating, lost 30 lbs and got very sick. I am not good with emotional crises, to say the least.
Green Green 9 years
When i am miserable, everyone is miserable. I feel bad for the people surrounding me during those times.
Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
see its like when ur in love everything is going right.. i always seem to be in a good postiver mood if thats possible for me But if i am broken hearted then i just feel empty and tend to be by myself for a while
Jeng112 Jeng112 9 years
When I'm in love, I'm like that perky person everyone hates. When I have a broken heart the whole world seems crappy.
millarci millarci 9 years
My stomach hurts like crazy when I'm heartbroken. I go on and off crying. Sometimes I just feel like throwing everything in my room. I wish there was a cure for it. :(
PinkEsq PinkEsq 9 years
Being in love makes me feel like I can actually feel the endorphins running through me!
PinkEsq PinkEsq 9 years
Being Heartbroken makes me feel all flushed with anxiety and my tummy feels like it was torn inside out.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
PS - anyone else think the picture of that girl is freaky?
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
My last bad breakup, I lost like 8 pounds in a week and a half or something. I forced myself to eat, or tried to, but nothing wanted to go down. I cried a lot and wanted to be on the phone all the time.
Random2 Random2 9 years
I get really nervous and excited when it's love. When my heart got broken, I first got really, really mad, then whenever someone mentioned his name I burst into tears.
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
sickness of falling in love? or going through a heartbreak? i think i become psychotic when going through heart break. lol
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
i get butterflies like sugar addict when excited, but, when things go bad, i am just plain depressed. i have only gotten heart broken once...and it was when i was cheated on by my first love. i can't describe what it felt like, but i did indeed think that my heart had exploded and i could feel the warmth seeping into my chest, then i cried for days. horrible. didn't get physically sick though.
sugaraddict13 sugaraddict13 9 years
my stomach always hurts! butterflies when its new and im nervous, and just plain pain when it ends. my poor tummy!
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