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What's an easy way to feel younger? Grow older! A new survey from Pew Research Center asked people of different ages how old they felt. The results showed that as people get older, the gap between real age and perceived age grows.

Half of the people surveyed who were 50 or over said they felt at least 10 years younger than their chronological age. Among those 65-74, a third said they felt 10 to 19 years younger and one in six said they felt at least 20 years younger! Compare that to the 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed — 75 percent of the younger group said they either felt their age or older.

I can verify these results against my own experience: I asked my 89-year-old grandfather how old he felt in his mind, and he said 65! I'm curious, how old do you feel?

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