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tootsieshoes tootsieshoes 10 years
Somewhere warm... where i can lie down, read my cosmo and get a tan while being unapologetically anti - social. Whenever we do family holidays I never get enough me time, and I feel obliged to entertain others.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
Somewhere warm (I'm in Canada right now and it's mega chilly). Somewhere where I could eat a lot of interesting fruit and take photos of amazing scenery, get massages, swim, and generally veg-out.
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
Fiji to relaxe or Italy for the fashion and art. ****"Everything in life is only for now."-Avenue Q****
Marci Marci 10 years
I'd go to London. I've never been there and always wanted to go. I'd prefer being in a country that speaks the same language since I'd be on my own. I think that would be a great vacation alone.
Bonne Bonne 10 years
I've been on vacation alone and it was great. You meet a lot of unexpected friends. I would love somewhere warm and tropical...
yiddidea yiddidea 10 years
This is hard. I can't choose just one, so here are my top 3. Italy (Venice and Tuscany), Greece and Australia. I want to see all of these places and would be okay doing that alone. I really want to see The Great Barrier Reef before Global Warming completely bleaches it.
emisaurusrex emisaurusrex 10 years
Italy! I have been there before and it is beautiful. I would love to explore some of the places I didn't get a chance to go to last time I was there. I think it would be better to go alone this time so I could cover all of the ground I want to without worrying about anyone slowing me down or me slowing them down. Plus I imagine I'd do hours of shopping in Milan and I don't want to put anyone else through a marathon shopping trip!
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
I wouldn't want to go for 10 days without my fiance. Maybe for a day or weekend, but I would want to be with him.
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
NYC. I have been there a thousand times, but I want to see the sights without my family. And would love to shop!
smryna smryna 10 years
i'd like to go to Australia the rainforest..thats why i saw a magazine which described there showed hotel..this is an amazing hotel i've ever seen it...
nicachica nicachica 10 years
probably Jamaica or Hawaii. i went to Jamaica for spring break a few years ago and it was crazy but i want to see it without all the typical college excess. i didn't experience the real Jamaica, just a pretty beach so i want to go again! oh and Hawaii...such a beautiful place. i've always dreamed of going there.
Lila-Fowler Lila-Fowler 10 years
PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive lived there briefly and LOVE it-- I know it, so it wouldnt be "discovery" (and hence dont need to go with anyone else)--- it's more like "catching up" and i can totally do that alone.
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
The only thing I could imagine doing is going somewhere relaxing. I dont think I could plan the vacation full of fun and wonderful new things because when it comes to things like that I love to share them with someone, it makes for the best memories. I would want to go somewhere that has an ocean beach and I could do things like get massages, manicure, things that are fun by yourself. Although it would be more fun to go with someone I would fare just fine, I mean afterall i would be on vaca!
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
Hmm, being alone rules out a lot of places I'd love to go for safety reasons. Since it's cold here right now, I'd opt for someplace tropical where I could catch up on some pleasure reading. Costa Rica maybe?
Thehills101 Thehills101 10 years
I'd go to Hawaii in a heartbeat...I'd definately enjoy the time to myself...I'd do the beach thing and definatley try and meet Dog The Bounty ♥јεήή♥
look-its-cath look-its-cath 10 years
Considering I've already been on a vacay solo, I'd say Fiji or some tropical island.
superjules superjules 10 years
Well I've already been to most European countries so I'd go somewhere warm. Like Fiji or something. I'd be fine on my own, maybe I could bring my cat. Take a bunch of books and I'd be in heaven. My husband goes all over the place without me for work. Like Cape Verde, Norway, Den Hague, Italy, Dubrovnik, etc. I think it's my turn!
hrhdiana hrhdiana 10 years
Can I take my Treo?! There are so many places I look forward to experiencing with my boyfriend and friends and family. I've never thought about going solo. I think I'd save the European, Asian, or Caribbean adventures for them, and just go to some professional conferences that would help me work on my dissertation!
tra tra 10 years
Honestly, I don't think I'd go if I had to go alone. I couldn't imagine exploring and discovering a new place without my husband there to share it with me.
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