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I own a locket that my great grandmother gave me before she passed away. It's one of my most treasured possessions, and I'm reminded of her every time I wear it. I also have an unusual, Chinese turquoise pendant I bought for myself on my 30th birthday; I feel very connected to it and to what it represents for me.

Whether or not it's a family heirloom, jewelry often carries or accumulates great symbolic importance. Do tell us which pieces feel sentimental, invaluable or meaningful to you, and please tell us why!


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lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
moldoll, those things are important to you because of what they represent, not their material value. so they aren'tr really material possessions. i am very sentimental about the clothing my oldest daughter wore before she had autism. we are short on closet space but i have about 2 feet of closet space devoted to clothing jenna had BEFORE autism. especially the things i have pictures of her in doing typical things that she can no longer do (waving, dancing, etc). i remember once a baby sitter put one of the outfits on my youngest daughter and i thought i was going to have an anxiety attack. it had gotten stained and was jenna's favorite outfit. the sitter had no idea what she had done and i didn't want her to feel bad so after that i moved all the jenna memory clothing to my closet and no one is allowed in there. i like to remember the little girl i had who was happy and giggly and curious about every little thing. somehow the clothing makes me feel closer to the "old" jenna.
Romai Romai 10 years
I have a charm bracelet that belonged to my paternal grandmother. It has charms for the births of all the grandkids up to when she got it, an 'I love you' charm my grandfather bought her and a charm my parents bought for her when they got married, along with a couple of other things I know meant something to her, but which I'm not sure about. It was one of her favorite things because she said it represented everything she loved. After she passed away almost three years ago, my aunt gave it to me. My grandfather went a little nuts after she passed and started trying to get rid of a lot of her stuff, some weird grief thing I guess, so it was the only thing of hers that I wound up with. I also have my mom's engagement and wedding rings at home, but they doesn't exactly bring forth a lot of good memories anymore.
lecky1217 lecky1217 10 years
i def. know what you mean moldoll. i also was in a terrible car accident three years but unfortunately many of my items weren't found. :( im glad you found yours though! :) i keep every letter, every card, every flower that has ever been giving to me. i love reading them and remembering those days. i also have a locket my bf gave me and my great grandmother left me all of her jewelry which means alot to me.
sashak sashak 10 years
I have an aventurine ring that my mom's sister gave her (then I stole it... :) and I have a teeny eltic cross my mom & dad got me the day I was baptized. We are Catholic so I was about 7 months old. Sometimes I still wear it. I also have a bizzare little keyring screwdriver that my dad always kept on his keys & I have the pocket knife he carried for 25 years. Both my folks are still alive & I see 'em all the time but it is still nice to have stuff in my purse that reminds me of them
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
i wear my grandma's wedding band everyday as a reminder of the great Love that her and my grandpa had!
Bonne Bonne 10 years
My grandma gave me her Bible stories book from the early 1900's. We used to read it every night and I love it. I don't have it anymore (crazy mom broke into my room and pawned it) but I still have the memories.
Marci Marci 10 years
My mother's engagement ring and a religious medal that was my Dad's both warm my heart and make me feel good inside the instant I put them on.
happygirlhehe happygirlhehe 10 years
My Great grandmothers silver and turquoise ring (she was native American) and it was a ring she never took off. When she passed they had to cut it off her finger. When I graduated from high school my mother had it restored for me. I wore it as my blue item on my wedding day. I love it, and wear it on special occasions. It helps me to remember how loving, strong, and beautiful she was, and motivates me to be the same.
moldoll_13 moldoll_13 10 years
my grandfather and i had a very special, unspoken bond. he stood on top of a pedestal throughout the entirety of my life, and he was my best friend. my grandfather passed away, march 1, of last year. he was at his winter house, and it happened so quickly that i never got the chance to say goodbye. i was devastated. several months later, my grandmother let me look through a box of jewelry that belonged to my grandfather. my family comes from deep, devout, catholic roots. there lying in the box was a beautiful rosary. nothing special, just made out of wooden beads and a wooden cross. i took it, and put it into my car. in august, i was in a horrible accident. i rolled my suv going about 80-85 on the highway. from what i was told, the truck rolled about 7 times. the paramedics at the scene told me that i shouldn't have been alive. they said "this is exactly why they make seat-belts." my truck was ravaged. all of the windows busted, smashed, and dismantled, as you could imagine. later i went to the salvage yard to collect my belongings from my car, but soon realized that there were several different things missing, some silly things and some very important but all things that i wanted; like one shoe from my favorite pair, my ipod, a picture of my grandfather holding me when i was just a baby, and the rosary. i was so upset leaving the salvage yard. my family couldn't even console me. my dad took me back to the site of the accident, completely against my will. and there, my family rummaged through mud, tall grass, and woods to find every single sentimental and important item that was missing from the car. the picture, the rosary, the ipod, the shoe, a watch that was also my grandfather's. it was the most amazing day of my life, they found everything. even my birth control!!! i've never felt happiness like that. you know they say that material possessions are not whats important, but you couldn't understand how much it meant to me to have these things after such a devastating accident. i wear the rosary almost everyday now, as a reminder that i am strong, i am a survivor, and i am one very lucky girl. some people win the lottery, and i survived a horrific car accident. and if you ask me, i would prefer that luck to any amount of monetary gain. my grandfather was there in that car, protecting me from the worst. i believed that from the second we left the site, after finding everything. he saved my life, and my rosary is a constant reminder...
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