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Since Wedding Mania week is in full swing, it's time to swap stories! We all know it takes a small army to plan a wedding, and with so many cooks in the kitchen, mistakes are bound to occur. So for all you married or engaged women out there, do tell, what was your worst wedding planning disaster? Did your photographer pull out of his contract a week before your wedding? Or did your wedding planner book the church on the wrong day?

I've got a great one, so check out my comment below!


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Abbeegayle Abbeegayle 8 years
Where do I start?! First, I have a dad and step-dad. My step-dad raised me since my dad was busy being drunk during my childhood. (Now I'm getting married and he wants to be father of the year!) So he and my step dad are splitting the cost of the wedding. They are both walking me down the isle. All was fine, mom's sister, who had no relationship with me as a child, suddenly wants to be 'aunt of the year'! So she's stepped in to plan this that and the other. In the mean time, my mom is too nice to tell her to BUTT OUT! Now she's reserved her seat at the ceremony! My step dad and dad have large families, and we are seating them behind my parents. Now AUNT WITCH thinks she and her husband and 5 kids get to sit up there along with her husband's parents whom she invited!! My solution? I'm assigning seats! Is that tacky or what?! I have no choice. AND....she's bringig my grandmother who is in a nursing home and doesn't know day light from dark! I JUST HOPE I MAKE IT TILL JUNE!!
neal4laylay neal4laylay 8 years
My wedding is October 11th and the following story is ENTIRELY TRUE!!! My first major catastrophy was that most of my BM/MOH dropped out of the wedding due to economic problems but one dropped out was kicked out b/c of being arrested and certifiable (she was really institutionalized when it came time for the day of the fittings) 2nd incident happened as we were leaving from picking out my fiancee tux we got hit by a car?! Last but not least Tuesday morning which happened to be my birthday my car was blown up!!!! not a light blew, or a fuse blew, not the engine went out. Someone threw a fire bomb into my car and completely destroyed it along with all our baby pictures and engagement pictures and things i was moving into the new house. I keep feeling like I'm in some bad night mare they still haven't caught the people and police aren't really telling me anything and I'm having a hard time functioning b/c it was a random act that just completely screwed up my life...
chibicricket chibicricket 9 years
My husband and I eloped because we wanted to, but his mother threw a fit and we ended up having a wedding anyways. It was an absolute disaster! I had spent thousands of dollars on the wedding that we wanted, which my mother-in-law changed to an Italian wedding at the last minute, and even bringing in her own priest (my hubby and I are Buddhists). She had the flowers changed at the last minute from cherry blossoms to roses, which I'm allergic to. If it wasn't for my really close friends that made it an amazing night, it probably would've been a huge waste of time.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
lol, yeah i don't know what i was thinking. the evening before????? well the one i used won't get dusty; i had it sealed up for my daughters to use if they want along with my dress.
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
Licketysplit, that's hilarous! It sounds like something I would have done, heheh.
PeggyD PeggyD 10 years
My wedding day itself went very smoothly. The one huge problem I had - I ordered my wedding dress in ivory, but when I showed up for my first fitting, they brought out this WHITE dress - and said it was mine!! Needless to say, it was a horrible experience, but the store (who shall remain nameless, but not blameless!) had another ivory version of my dress in a current shipment, and that bride was getting married after me, so they were able to have that dress delivered to me. Imagine, though, all the excitement of a first fitting, only to be given the wrong dress!! But I was able to laugh about it on the beaches of Hawaii with my new husband after our big day!! CT Reader
sbgirl sbgirl 10 years
My biggest disaster - well my husband decided to go surfing with his brother two weeks before our wedding. A couple of hours later I got a phone call that sounded like this: 'Don't wowwy honey but we awe on ouw way to the hospital...' He had managed to get hit in the face with his surfboard and got 13 stitches in his lip! My poor honey looked like he had been attacked by a mad plastic surgeon with a collagen needle! Angelina Jolie had nothing on his bottom lip. He couldn't smile, talk or eat! We went to our dance lesson a couple of days later and the instructor pulled me aside to ask what was wrong - he thought my husband was really angry (poor guy couldn't make any facial expressions). We were really worried about the wedding pictures but in the end he was able to smile -although his smile still doesn't look the same. I had to put it all into perspective and just be glad he was there.
KWM KWM 10 years
I had a few minor mishaps but nothing too was 103 degrees on the day of my wedding so the florist could not use most of the white flowers that we had planned for the ceremony because they would have been wilted in no time. So I had a flowerless Huppah and Cake Table. Also, the very specially selected roses that I had ordered got caught in a hurricane in equador, so my bridemaids all carried plain pink roses. The worst part was during the cocktail hour, we had a hibachi grill set up with oysters. The chef cut himself while shucking the oysters and had to go to the hospital. Many of the oysters that we had specially driven down from Oregon just sat on the grill and burned! But other that that, it was a perfect day :)
a-gentle-rain a-gentle-rain 10 years
:rotfl: haha these stories are terrible! Give me the FREAKING VAIL, Dirty Dicks Crab Shack!! :rotfl:
TinkerBellaAmore TinkerBellaAmore 10 years
The five-star restaurant that I booked for my reception went out of business, never contacted me, and promptly turned into a Dirty Dick's Crab Shack. Thankfully, that happened several months before the wedding, so I have been able to change my plans. Nevertheless, it was a nightmare.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
when i was getting ready for my rehearsal i decided to rinse my veil (????). it was a family veil and i thought it looked a little dusty. well unfortunately the dust was what was holding it together. as i swirled the net through the water it looked "funny". so i lifted it up and it literally disappeared. i remember thinking "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and just telling everyone that i had forgotten the veil (at my rehearsal). luckily my wedding was in the evening so first thing in the morning i went to a bridal shop and bought one of the 2 veils they had. the sales woman kept saying "you can't return this you know" and i was like "give me the FREAKING VAIL!"
mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 10 years
I had a whole host of issues that popped up before my wedding. 2 months before, the florist cancelled, 2 weeks before, the limo company cancelled (i was able to find subsitutes for both) and 3 days before the wedding, the Best Man sent my hubby an email saying he was not coming (they have been able to resume a friendship though) but to take the cake--the limo company I ended up with on the day of my wedding was lost and unable to find me. Even though they had my cell number, they called the church and left a message with our priest. He then handed a note to my husband saying the limo driver could not find me. Luckily, I was able to flag down the driver and make it to my wedding, early even, but with my poor husband sweating bullets that I might not show up! All problems aside, we had a beautiful wedding ceremony, a gorgeous fall day and a great party following :)
DearSugar DearSugar 10 years
My girlfriends wedding was at an estate up in the country and her wedding planner didn't realize there was going to be road construction on the day of her wedding. Turned out the main road to the site was completely blocked off. The only other way to her wedding site was through a 20 minute detour which made the wedding start almost an hour late!! Luckily the sun cooperated and everything else went off without a hitch!
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