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When a relationship works, it often has a lot to do with how the partners complement each other's personalities. If you're super organized, your easy-going mate might balance out the stress you typically feel.

These differences could leave you (lovingly) envying the qualities of your partner. Whether it's his or her cooking skills, tech savvy, or ability to remember everyone's name, what's the quality that gets you green with envy?

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arianamarie arianamarie 7 years
i wish i could not give a damn like he does, and i so respect him for that...sometimes you just can't stress, and that's why he's the ying to my yang in that sense
SLH04 SLH04 7 years
At times, I wish I could be as social as he is (which is all the time for him!). Being a social butterfly and making others laugh seems so natural for him. I envy this talent that he has.
cwpn cwpn 7 years
I am envious of everything my partner does, sometimes when he sits playing his guitar I feel like telling him to shut up just because I'm really jealous of his talent. Hes best at everything over me except for drawing and designing, I try to do this as much as possible just to rub it in his face.
sarahcateh sarahcateh 7 years
I envy my boyfriend's metabolism. He can eat ANYTHING he wants and will gain no weight. Meanwhile, I am sitting in the corner eating celery sticks. :-(
LonelyShifter LonelyShifter 7 years
My boyfriend never lets anything annoy him, and never gets bored! I've also never met someone who hasn't liked him (unless they're jealous of him). He always seems to know exactly what to say and how to say it. And when it comes to strategies about *anything*, from social situations to video games, he's unmatched. <3
Witchy-Ways Witchy-Ways 7 years
My boyfriend is just loved by everybody - he socializes a lot easier than I do. Also, he learns so easily... anything he hears, it just sticks. That's actually what I would love to be able to do too, it would make my university studies a lot easier :D
ms-jamerz ms-jamerz 7 years
I envy my boyfriend's sense of style! I'm a terribly indecisive shopper with hardly any fashion sense whatsoever so I love bringing him along with me when I shop. He can go into a store and have an outfit put together for me that I wouldn't have even imgagined would look good on me and its almost always perfect :) Whether it's dressy, casual or sporty he always looks so put together and thanks to him I usually do too now ;)
clareberrys clareberrys 7 years
I envy my boyfriend's ability to be himself and not really care about what other people think. I also envy his laid back demeanor and how he doesnt let the little things get to him!
mondo mondo 7 years
His confidence. I wish I could muster up at least half of his wattage,
Ac2366 Ac2366 7 years
My bf has the ability to make new friends anywhere at the drop of a hat. He just has this knack for blindly starting conversations. I won't say I'm jealous of his ability though. I admire it.
sexylibrarian sexylibrarian 7 years
My fiance is the best judge of character of anyone I have ever known! He can talk to someone for a short time and know if they are a good person or not. He is really laid back and relaxed most of the time. He is really smart as well. He can do math computations in his head really fast. He always thinks of the best and most efficient solutions to problems. He has the ability to teach people things in ways that they understand and remember.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
His strong sense of self and how he doesn't let things bother him.
amelioratelj amelioratelj 7 years
My husband is absolutely everything I am not. He is outgoing, bubbly and charming, and makes everyone he talks to feel at ease. He makes friends and knows someone everywhere he goes and has enormous self confidence. He is well read, intelligent and eloquent. He is hardly ever in a bad mood and never lets the nasty things people say get to him. Oh, and he's skinny as hell, which makes me jealous too ;) He's pretty much irresistible in every way. Every one he meets falls in love with him, and he has an amazing trail of broken-hearted girls to prove it. I'm a very lucky woman.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
My boyfriend is undoubtedly everything I want to be. He never needs validation from anyone, since he already has the self confidence to always be proud of his accomplishments and who he is as a person. He is not competitive, so he can enjoy his hobbies without getting frustrated about screwing up. If he is ever feeling stressed out, it never shows, and he has a very healthy way of dealing with stress or anxiety. He is extremely intelligent -- not book smart, but he knows just about everything, and taught himself. He is also very observant of his surroundings, and notices even the smallest things. He cares very much about the world around him. I don't know, he's just amazing in every way.
soulight soulight 7 years
My bf has this amazing ability to network and charm the pants off of anyone. He has been able to get so many free things like fries, HBO for six extra months (don't ask), and the list goes on endlessly!He has charmed my parents who are usually very hard to convince that any guy is good enough for their "little girl". I always say he should go into law because he could make an jury see his way no matter who was actually right, but he's using his talents in business.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
My fiance is laid back, lets things roll off his back. He can also zone out which really lets him chill out. He doesn't have 800 things running thru his head, so he is able to focus (I think I rattle him up every once in a while). He is also very thoughtful. When I mentioned that I really wanted to remember to bring my vitamins to work, he snuck them into my bag when I wasn't looking.
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