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No one is perfect despite how hard you try to be. Pushing the envelope and testing people's boundaries can be thrilling and dangerous at the same time, so ladies, even if you don't typically confess all your sins, do tell, what is the biggest thing you have ever gotten away with so far? Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me!


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Jessie-M Jessie-M 9 years
City Love-I went through the same thing. I didn't want to have one, but my boyfriend convinced me it was the right choice at that point in our lives. I regret it every day.
runnergeek runnergeek 9 years
leaving my unhappy marriage. i know i did the right thing because i am so much happier now. but i hate how much i hurt him and i hate that i could't explain why i was so unhappy. i am hoping someday i will beable to tell him why and that someday he'll forgive me. then i can forgive myself.
Masqueraded_Angel Masqueraded_Angel 9 years
When I was 18, I ran away from home and took a Greyhound bus from CA to NJ to meet some guy I met online. My mom had no idea where I was or if I was Ok, but I just wanted to get as far away as possible from her at that point. She eventually found out where I was, but I refused to come back home. I didn't talk to her until about 2 years later. So I wish I could forgive myself for that. Now that I have my son, I know that I would simply stop living if he did something like that to me.
whatthew00t whatthew00t 9 years
A year ago, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me for various reasons (but it's most likely he just got bored with me after nearly two months of dating). I was so heartbroken. I didn't know how to deal with it; I was very naive. I used another screen-name to talk to him, but he blocked me (and unblocked three weeks later). I texted him a couple months later, and we almost got back together, but he just ignored my texts in a couple days. Over the next couple months, it was just on and off texting and random messages. But then I started to date another guy who treated me well, much better than my ex did. I began to see that my ex is a typical teenage boy who just wants to have a good time. I told him through a message that I still love him because he's my first, but we have different needs and wants. A couple days later, he blocked me on Facebook. I know everything I said sounded very teenage, but that kind of made me cry. Even though I knew that he's just a kid and I'm in an amazing relationship, I still feel bad for all the stuff I did to him to make him feel bad. I really pushed his emotional buttons and boundaries, maybe a bit too far. If I ever see him again, I would apologize to him, no matter if he was a jerk to me or any other type of guy.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 9 years
I can be overly mean to my little brother for no reason at all. I don't know why I do it but things just come out of my mouth that are hurtful and mean. I feel bad sometimes because he asks me why I'm so mean to him but I just respond by being mean all over again. I hope he can forgive me.
prinzes3006 prinzes3006 9 years
putting my parents through hell when I was a teenager (getting pg at age 16), but I never regret my baby girl.
KadBunny KadBunny 9 years
Cheating. He never found out either, which sickens me even more. I was young and stupid.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
When i was younger (don't remember age but young) my sister had gotten a switch blade comb from a festival and i wanted to look at it. She would not let me look at it so i grabbed it and took it from her...only it cut her finger bad enough for her to have to get stitches...not to mention this was Easter morning and we were on our way to church with family and were out of town....
RiceGirlReese RiceGirlReese 9 years
nikecold, thats scary, you sound just like me.
rubialala rubialala 9 years
I don't want to say, it was awful, during a terrible time in my life. I know that I have been forgiven by the other person but I have not forgiven myself.
nikecold nikecold 9 years
I guess for all the times I took my mother for granted, or made her feel bad. She was the best thing in my life and I wish she could've been with me trough my adolescence. I guess I tend to be cold and lack emotion, so I push people away, I always feel guilty about it because I keep confusing them, making them think I don't value what they've done for me even if in reality I do. Also I can be really harsh and say things in the heat of the moment that are very hurtful. Not to mention I had this friend I used to treat extremely bad, sure she might've crossed the line but I sunk just as low if not lower than she did.
lemuse20 lemuse20 9 years
When I was 8, I lived next door to a girl who's dad was in a semi-famous band and made quite a bit of money. She was pretty spoiled and had so much stuff, I really didn't have much. Somehow I got it in my head to steal stuff from her. It became an addiction for me. It makes me so sick! I got caught a few times, but she and her mom gave me so much grace, they still let me come over. I don't know how or why they were so kind to me. I have never stolen a thing since I moved, but it really bothers me to this day to know what I did and to even remember it! I feel horrible.
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 9 years
When I was about 6 years old, I mumbled under my breath "I hate you" to my mom. My dad heard it & made me apologize to her & then he punished me. That was a few decades ago & I sill want to cry every time I think of it. My mom told me she doesn't even remember it, but it still stings to know that my bratty ass said something like that & to my very own mother, who has always been a wonderful mom. I have actually done a few terrible things, since then, but I'm not quite ready to confess them to anyone!
City-Love City-Love 9 years
summer-roberts summer-roberts 9 years
The thing I regret the most is screaming at my daughter. She and I just can't get along sometimes and once I was so angry at her, I took it too far and said some hurtful things. I instantly felt horrible and like the worst parent in the world and apologized. I still regret it and I do not think even forgiveness would heal my pain or hers.
Marci Marci 9 years
While I'm sure my parents HAVE forgiven me for it, I'd have to say that being forgiven for my crazy, rebellious, worrisome behavior as a teenager would make me feel better.
Tullia Tullia 9 years
ohhh I did a terrible terrible thing in 8th grade that is so unforgivable... but I don't wanna tell wat exactly I did cuz its SO bad. btw I did get caught n yea..those were one of the worst years of my life. and wat sucked was that I did it w/my friend but I was the onl one getting caught n my friend sorta acted like she did nothing. grrrr and to ****** Im so sorry!
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
When I was young, and I mean young, like 9 or 10, I hung out with a girl who liked getting into trouble. We would smoke cigarettes, steal random stuff from the drug store, sneak out at night etc. One night, we were sleeping over at her place, and we decided to sneak out and 'egg' some of the neighbors. Well at some point, one of us picked up a rock and threw it through one of the neighbor's windows. We then ran and hid in someone else's yard, and we had to stay there for like an hour because the police came. We were so young I didn't even understand what we were doing on some level. But I feel awful for that poor person whose window we broke. I still think back to how scared they probably were because I know it would sure freak ME out to have that happen to my home today. Anyway, we never got caught.
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